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Europe remains the preferred investment destination for ultra high net worth individuals

200,000 people or 0.003% of the world’s population hold $5.3 trillion worth of real estate across the globe according to a report published by real estate consultant Savills, in association with UHNW intelligence provider Wealth-X .

Europe remains the preferred investment destination for ultra high net worth individuals

London is the top destination for UHNWI investment in Europe

February 9, 2014

Ultra high net worth individuals are defined as those who own net assets of $30 million or more and are “an increasingly important force in the world of real estate,” says the report.

Together, UHNWIs now hold about 3% of the world’s total real estate value, at an average of of $26.5 million each. Most of their direct real estate investments are in the residential sector (mainly primary and multiple second homes), whereas commercial property is often held through companies or other special purpose vehicles.

The proportion of private wealth invested in real estate is highest in Europe, at about 31%. Asian direct real estate investments come second at 27% but they are the fastest growing. The figure for North America is 7% as financial tools, rather than direct investment, remain the vehicle of choice.

London in particular comes across as the premier global investment hotspot. 15% of real estate investment in the UK capital belongs to non-British European UHNWIs, while 25% is owned by UHNWIs living outside the region.

European UHNWIs also appear to be among the most comfortable in buying property elsewhere in the world, particularly in North America, as well as exclusive retreats in the Caribbean and the Far East.

North Americans, by contrast, tend to favour their country of origin, with New York, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco among the most sought-after destinations, while Asians combine regional investment (chiefly in Mumbai, Hong Kong and Singapore) with cross-region purchases (mainly in London).


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