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Select your broker and get to know him or her intimately

Select your broker and get to know him or her intimately

When selecting a property broker find one who has extensive experience and knows his area. There is no substitute for experience and knowledge in the property business which is why in our experience most of the wiser advisors are older, less hurried and are themselves involved in property. They will understand your requirements intimately, recognise your needs and take their time in selecting the right investment.

The most successful property investors we know are in comfortable relationships with their brokers and advisors. This is more critical than many new investors appreciate because ethically real estate agents are required to actually represent the seller primarily. So. when you first meet a broker, ask as many questions as necessary and get sensible answers before you commit yourself . If you are a beginner, find out about the broker's history and references, and speak to him/her frequently to establish a relationship. You must be convinced that your broker will monitor your investments and be able to structure any deal to meet your circumstances and be able to give you clear and concise advice on whether and when to buy, rent or sell.

That is why buying property over the Internet can only ever be a useful tool – it will never replace the skilled and wise broker.

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