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City Bowl is a convenient choice

City Bowl is a convenient choice

Why do so many people want to move to Cape Town City Bowl?

Bernice Musikanth from Seeff City Bowl says costs of travel plus time factors play a big role here. "First of all, the cost of petrol, and also your time is money. People don't want to travel an hour and a half into work. If you live in the City Bowl your whole lifestyle changes. You no longer have to get up at 6:00 – you can crawl out of bed at 8:00 and just roll down the hill and you are at work!

"We are selling to a lot of young professionals – and also to parents who are buying for their children, which is wonderful when they are able to do that. In July alone we sold 15 properties – which we have definitely never done in the middle of winter before."

"We sold a property in Higgovale for just under R6m, to a South African couple returning from Japan. They first saw it on the Internet, came here, looked at everything we could show them, and then bought the one they had first seen on the Internet.

"We found that most buyers are Capetonians who are upgrading - they may have sold in a different area and want to move closer to town. We are now kind of sold out. We have a huge database of qualified buyers who want to buy here, and now we need more stock."


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