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The Household Initiative Plan to Rescue Real Estate

D H Smith citizen economists
The Household Initiative Plan to Rescue Real Estate - Household - Real Estate - United States

Here’s a new plan for America’s housing problem called the Household Initiative Plan. It’s called that because of all the plans out there it is the only one that asks little of the Treasury, Federal Reserve, or other government agencies besides non-interference in what millions of responsible householders could do for themselves on their own initiative.

My Household Initiative Plan will act to revive the real estate market by attacking three parts of the problem together. It reduces the unsold housing inventory and arrests the decline in home prices by helping liquidity re-form in the real estate market. It does this by making available an untapped source of capital that has previously been hard to access: the IRAs, SEPs, SIMPLE and Keogh plans of American retirement savers. According to the Investment Company Institute, there were over 46 million of these retirement accounts at the most recent survey in 2007, holding an incredible $4.5 trillion. No doubt some has gone in the financial market collapse, but it is still a great deal of money even by current jaded standards.

While it has been possible to buy real estate with IRA funds all along, the heavy restrictions and complicated regulations have kept people from doing so. This plan calls for suspending the restrictions and regulations on the use of IRAs for real estate purchase.


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