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Moving Heavy Items - If you have a large shipment or you're moving heavy items, you may want to use a ramp and moving dolly for loading. ABF ramps are complimentary with your U-Pack move and moving dollies are available through our Moving Boxes and Supply store.

When you're handling heavier items, remember to "squat" and lift with your knees, not your back. Ask for help with anything that tests your limits.

Plan how you'll load
Pre-planning how you'll load reduces loading time and fatigue. And, just as important, it ensures your belongings travel safer.

Protect your shipment. Place cardboard or plastic sheeting on the floor of the trailer before you begin loading.
Load heavy items first. Start with loading heavy appliances on the floor against the front wall of the trailer. Then continue by loading heavier items toward the front of the trailer and on the floor. Save the space above for lighter items.
Stand couches on end. Long pieces, such as sofas, can stand on end. Just anchor them with other large heavy items. This type of furniture normally takes up a significant amount of space. Standing it on its end reduces its "footprint" greatly.

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