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Moving house with pets....

Moving house with pets.... - Moving - house - pets

Taking care of your possessions is essential when you're moving house !!!

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But what about  moving your pets?
They are just as important! Here's a list of things to remember on the day your moving to ensure your pet gets moved to its new home as comfortably as your dinning room chairs!

On the day you're moving do not feed your pet for at least three hours before leaving on a trip.

Place your pet in a safe and quiet place such as the bathroom so that they can't escape.

Remember to lock the doors and put a sign on the door saying DO NOT ENTER as a reminder to everyone.

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Buy a high-quality pet carrier to transport your pet from one place to another.

If they aren't familiar with the cage then encourage them to use it before your moving day.

Animals are sensitive and can be comforted by having a piece of cloth with your scent on it when they become agitated.

Don't forget essentials such as food, water, a leash and a newspaper for keeping your car clean.

Give your pet fresh water at every stop as small pets become dehydrated very quickly, particularly during hot weather. You can also give your dog a short walk.

Never leave pets alone in a parked vehicle during warm weather as the temperature rises quickly and can injure or kill them.

Cover the cages of birds and small pets such as gerbils and hamsters with a cloth.

Be aware that birds are sensitive to sudden changes in temperature.

It can be very difficult to move fish. It's advisable to check with your local pet store for recommendations on moving your specific type of fish especially if they are tropical.

Here's what to put in your pet travel kit: food, water, dishes, can opener (if needed), leash, a few treats, favourite toy and some type of bedding. Don't forget a scooper and plastic bags for clean up!

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