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Why Investing in Egypt is Unsafe

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Why Investing in Egypt is Unsafe - Egypt - Commentary

Certain information has to be said without compliments or political correctness. Being that I was born in Egypt it is difficult to speak badly about my native country, especially since I hold a great love and admiration for its history, ancient civilization, and majority of its people.

Egypt is a wonderful country with potential to be one of Earth’s paradises. It’s geographic location and history naturally attracts investment.

Though some Egyptian patriots may disagree with what I am saying, there are two points which I must make.

The first was the news published in an Egyptian news paper indicating the interest of the Egyptian government to encourage foreigners to invest in Egypt. The plan is to give free land in the Egyptian desert which is to be developed by outside investors.

The second is the swine war between the regime and the poor people who are raising those swine to make a living.

In Egypt the regime has been addressing westerners through its daily media as “Kaffers” and financing a jihad. Meanwhile, outside Egypt and using foreign languages the same government has been inviting those unbelievers to invest in Egypt. The aim of inviting western investors is to develop the country. In little less than sixty years of military leadership Egypt has become a third world country.

When Nasser nationalized Egyptian industries along with agriculture in 1960, the world believed that this was a socialistic ideology. In reality, Nasser nationalized Coptic, Jewish-Egyptian, and foreign assets.

Nasser’s action was not so much a socialistic idea as it was a plan to remove economic power from the hands of a social class of people. In fact his actions did not stop there. Egyptian-Jews were deported along with other non Egyptian residents.

Since the regime is allowing its own media to discredit the west, I wonder why the same government is opening the opportunity to those same westerners to invest in the country.


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