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The idea of moving is stressful enough. Uprooting and trying to transport all your belongings across the country or even a few hundred miles is pretty daunting. On top of the logistics, you're probably trying to say goodbyes to friends and loved ones. Money, too, is often an issue. A new driver's license, vehicle registrations, and other common extra expenses all await you at your new home. Finding a reliable long distance mover is vital to ensuring a reasonably stress-free move and, if you plan ahead and take some time getting multiple quotes, can be done without spending an arm and a leg.

Full-Service Long Distance Movers
If you've got a little extra money to spare and/or become homicidal between packing, moving, and unpacking, you might hire full-service long distance movers. Movers offer more services than ever before. Not only can they pack, move, and unpack your stuff, they can clean your new home before you move in, arrange wall hangings and other home accents according to your instruction, and move any extra belongings into a storage unit. They can also sell you packing supplies for you to professionally pack your stuff on your own. These services, naturally, come at an extra cost (although you're going to be spending a decent chunk of change for a long distance move, anyway, and your inevitable lack of spare energy might make these services well worth a few extra bucks).

Other Long Distance Moving Options
You may not require the extra service and fees associated with full-service long distance movers. If you've got a few strong folks and a driver's license, you can rent a moving truck that you can load and drive yourself. You may have also heard of PODS that will drop off a portable storage unit that you can load at your leisure and will then be transported for you to your new home. This service has changed the way a lot of people move, although the financial advantage is all but eliminated for long distance moves. PODS works best for local moves, but it never hurts to get a quote. If a POD has been emptied in your area, you may be able to get a discounted rate. Plus, you'll be able to enjoy the convenience of driving your own car across the country instead of a rental truck.

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