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Types of Moving Estimates

Types of Moving Estimates - Types - Moving - Estimates

Different moving and storage companies offer different types of moving estimates nowadays, and not every one of them includes all the information you need. Although there are moving and storage companies that make a habit out of reliable and accurate assessments, just as many like to lowball the eventual costs in an effort to attract desperate customers in a hurry. For this reason, it pays to brush up on some of these predatory tactics, especially if you're hoping to make that moving process as seamless as possible.

The types of moving estimates you can expect tend to vary widely depending on what kind of home you occupy and how fragile your possessions are. It may not surprise you to learn that it costs considerably less to move beanbags and recliners than it does to secure, wrap and protect Queen Anne antiques. Knowing the value of what you have and how difficult it is to move will usually improve the accuracy of your moving and storage estimates considerably.

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