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The “Facebooking” of commercial real estate

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The “Facebooking” of commercial real estate - Commercial Property - Real Estate Online - Industrial Realty - Technology

When Facebook was originally created in 2004, it was simply a platform for college students, faculty and staff to get to know each other on the campus of Harvard University. From there, the concept caught fire and expanded to universities all over the nation. Now, Facebook is no longer such a place for college students and teenagers to connect and share the latest gossip. Instead, it has become one of the most powerful online communication tools that exist currently in our society.

Facebook has allowed people to reconnect with classmates and friends that they have not seen in decades and might not otherwise had ever made contact with again. Furthermore, Facebook has become the social networking platform of choice over such competitors as Myspace because of its superior connectivity and better security.

It is that connectivity that the corporate world is finally realizing contains an incredible amount of potential in promoting services, products and improving business networking. If two former childhood friends that have not seen each other in decades can find each other on Facebook, so can two office or retail brokers who are seeking buyers for their properties.


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