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Technology helps real estate agents become neighborhood ambassadors

Phil Stilton Jackson NJ Online
Technology helps real estate agents become neighborhood ambassadors - Real Estate Agent - Technology - Industrial Realty

Jackson, NJ – Over the years, I’ve had a strange love hate relationship with the real estate industry that always seemed to end in frustration as a technology consultant providing IT services to dozens of New Jersey’s largest commercial and residential real estate companies.

The industry on whole has been very slow, and perhaps one of the slowest, when it comes to accepting and adopting new technologies to steer their business into the future.    It was always a struggle in the early days to convince my real estate clients on things like “The Internet” and “networking computers together” in an industry that had for so long survived on newspaper ads and listings magazines.     Around 2002, as online real estate technologies and capabilities began maturing, I threw up my arms in frustration and began dropping my residential real estate clients because the climate in the industry at the time was not embracing the influx of technology required to compete.   I figured, why should I spend countless hours pitching technology to clients who worked primarily from thick newsprint MLS guides when the rest of the world was hungry for more digital solutions.


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