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Three Century-Old Hotels in Manhattan

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Three Century-Old Hotels in Manhattan - United States - hotels - Manhattan

1. The Washington Square Hotel A haven for writers and artists for more than a century, the Washington Square Hotel, located at Waverly and MacDougal, just off the northwest corner of Washington Square, occupies a unique place in Greenwich Village’s history. The hotel facilities include 150 guest rooms, a renovated lobby, 24-hour front desk service, fitness room, lobby bar and the highly acclaimed North Square Restaurant & Lounge. Complimentary wireless internet access is available in the lobby and lobby bar.

The Washington Square hotel was built in 1902 as a residential hotel named the Hotel Earle after its first owner, Earle S. L’Amoureux. The hotel occupied a single, eight-story, red brick building on Waverly Place, in the heart of Greenwich Village, now an historic landmark district. In 1908, L’Amoureux built an identical connecting building to create a grand apartment hotel, complete with reading rooms, restaurant and banquet facilities. Four years later, he added a ninth floor and, in 1917, he acquired an adjoining three-story building, bringing the hotel to MacDougal Street, at the northwest corner of picturesque Washington Square.

In the 1930s, Knott Hotels, one of the nation’s first hotel chains, owned and managed the Earle and advertised:
  • American Plan from $3.50 single, $7.00 double
  • European Plan from $2.00 single, $3.50 double
This was time of great change for the neighborhood. Once a staid, affluent community (as depicted in Henry James’ Washington Square and The Heiress), Greenwich Village was becoming the center of New York’s bohemian counterculture, reflected by the Beat generation who gravitated to the coffee houses and jazz clubs. The once-grand hotel was allowed to deteriorate into a shabby apartment hotel, making it an affordable location for struggling artists, actors, writers and musicians.


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