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30 Top-End Construction Projects Announced During Dec/ Jan

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30 Top-End Construction Projects Announced During Dec/ Jan - New Zealand - residential project - construction

During the annual holiday season both December 2009 and January 2010 were short months construction-wise.

During this period December 2009 and January 2010, 30 projects (over $5 mill in individual construction value) were announced. Of these, 19 were private sector and 11 were government funded in December. Of the December totals in Upper North Island [UNI] (down to Taupo) the private sector accounted for 5 and government 2. In January, all but one was in the private sector, the exception being a PPP (public-private partnership).

Contrariwise in Lower North Island [LNI] (below Taupo but including Gisborne) all projects save for 2, were privately developed in December, whereas for January, 2 are private and 1 public.

In South Island [SI] 3 were private and 1 government in December. For January 2 were private and 1 government again.

In UNI, 4 private and 3 government developments started. For January the respective figures are 5 and 3, plus 2 private and 1 government, slated to start this month.

During January, 3 major projects started in LNI, of which 1 is private and 2 are government. One private sector development is due to commence this month and a further one in March.

10 major developments commenced in SI during January, of which 4 are private sector, compared with only 2 (including 1 private) in December.


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