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Get your property ready for wintertime

Get your property ready for wintertime - property tips - winter

Operating and maintaining a home can be a tough balancing act. Seasonal maintenance is a must, but it can be easy to neglect everything from small repairs to larger projects if they don't fit within the budget.

Here are 10 projects to get your home winter-ready -- and maybe even get a head start on the holiday season:

- Banish water wasters: Repair that leaky tap and water-guzzling toilet for good. Efficient faucets use up to 70-per-cent less water, yet provide the same pressure as traditional faucets. A low-flow toilet will use up to 60-per-cent less water than old toilets and can be installed in an afternoon.

Estimated cost: $270 (toilet, sink faucet)

- Cleanup, high up: Before he first snowfall, examine and thoroughly clean eavestroughs and gutters. Clearing leaves, sticks and debris from these areas avoids costly repairs that result from gutter rusting and roof damage. Take the opportunity to carefully inspect your roof's surface for any needed repairs.

Estimated cost: $31.99 (lawn and leaf compostable bags, utility gloves, ladder rental)


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