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Green property: tumble dryers

Sarah Lonsdale The Telegraph
Green property: tumble dryers - green home - how to

Sarah Lonsdale tests the latest 'eco’ products and sorts the fads from the finds. This week: how to replace tumble dryers.

Hanging between two beams in our kitchen is a 12ft length of elasticated cord with a hook at each end. It cost £4.95 from our local camping shop and is a low-tech solution to the perennial British problem of how to dry clothes indoors during the winter months. Dinner guests raise an eyebrow when sitting under rows of socks and underwear, but with candlelight and plenty of wine, they soon get used to it. Clothes dry up there within 24 hours and it saves me around £100 a year in unused electricity.

Tumble dryers are the most energy-expensive appliances in the home, guzzling between 44p and 55p of electricity every cycle and costing the average family between £65 and £100 a year. They can account for a third of total household electricity consumption.


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