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Facebook overtakes Yahoo! to become 3rd-most-visited Web property

Jay Hathaway
Facebook overtakes Yahoo! to become 3rd-most-visited Web property - Facebook - Yahoo - property website

Facebook has passed Yahoo! to become the 3rd-most-visited Web property in the world, according to web analytics site ComScore. ComScore's November numbers showed Facebook at 648 million unique visitors per month to Yahoo!'s 630 million. Meanwhile, Google and Microsoft are still hanging tough in the number 1 and 2 spots.

hese stats take into account all of the sites' separate services and pages, such as YouTube, Bing and Hotmail, and not just their homepages. This seems like it should work in favor of a large network like Yahoo!, but Facebook's growth has been massive in 2010, while Yahoo!'s numbers have remained flat.

Yahoo! can still take a little comfort in the fact that it's beating Facebook in the US (for now, anyway) by a margin of about 30 million unique visitors a month. 


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