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5 tips for finding unclaimed property

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5 tips for finding unclaimed property - property tips

Are you thinking that you could sure use that electric company security deposit you left behind the last time you moved? Or, maybe you found a safe-deposit box key in the bottom of a drawer but don't have the vaguest recollection of where the box might be and what's in it.

There may still be a way for you to get your hands on those assets.

For just about every category of unclaimed property, there is a government lost-and-found department. You can usually search for and retrieve your missing property for free by going directly to the agency responsible for its safekeeping. Based on a review of several government agency websites, the process typically involves looking for your name on a list, completing a claim form, having it notarized and presenting some type of documentation proving you are the rightful owner of the assets.

Here are five examples of the kind of lost loot that might turn up when you start searching


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