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REHDA: Malaysian green building boom must be driven by market demand

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REHDA: Malaysian green building boom must be driven by market demand - green building - Malaysia - REHDA

Development of green buildings in Malaysia has gained momentum but demand must be driven by the market, Malaysia’s Real Estate and Housing Developers Association (REHDA) president Datuk Michael Yam said recently.

Developers shouldn’t just make their buildings green because it’s trendy, he said.

“Malaysia can pass laws (on green buildings) and developers can go into it voluntarily. But at the end of the day, if the market is not demanding it, than it’s not practical. It needs to be market driven,” he said at a press conference for REHDA’s Youth Green Tour yesterday, according to The Star.

Yam said that while green buildings make long term financial sense, not everyone is ready to embrace them just yet.

“It costs more to go green and not everyone can afford it (purchasing green properties). Developers need to evaluate what the market wants. You need to do it (offer green buildings) gradually and slowly induce the public on the benefits of going green. This will trigger off a green revolution among developers,” he said.

Yam added that media coverage and general public awareness of green buildings and their advantages was nascent but growing in Malaysia.


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