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Asian luxury property prices rise slowly in first quarter

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Luxury real estate prices in Shanghai rose only 0.4 per cent in Q1 2011.

Luxury real estate prices in Shanghai rose only 0.4 per cent in Q1 2011.

Values of luxury residential properties across Asia continued to slowly rise in the first quarter of 2011. As with the last quarter of 2010, values rose 1.8 per cent, according to Residential Index data from Jones Lang LaSalle.

This is a slowdown from the hectic third quarter of 2010, when prices grew by 7.4 per cent.

The cooling pace comes after various governments enacted anti-speculative measures in 2010.

The index data comes from monitoring major Asian centres including Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Mumbai. Of these cities, only Kuala Lumpur residential prices showed a slight drop in value of 1.1 per cent over the first quarter, while capital values in Hong Kong showed the greatest increase at 8.3 per cent.

On the Chinese mainland, sales were quiet over the first quarter after new rules were introduced to curb the hot market. Bans on new purchases from owners who already have two apartments and a pilot property tax kept first quarter price increases in Beijing and Shanghai relatively minor at 3.2 per cent and 0.4 per cent respectively.


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