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Londoners looking to make money out of homes

Londoners looking to make money out of homes - Londoners - property investment

(Reuters) - Harriet Howse is one of many Londoners looking to make a profit out of their property during this summer's Olympics, leaving the city and their homes to strangers to avoid the anticipated mayhem of an overcrowded capital.

One property website's survey says an estimated one-in-three Londoners are considering packing their bags and moving in with family and friends or heading abroad when 11 million sports fans, media and corporate clients descend on the capital for the world's biggest sporting extravaganza.

You don't have to hate sport either to be thinking about moving out.

Behind her blue door in northeast London, Howse, a fan of tennis who keeps herself fit, is planning to move out of her four-bedroomed terraced house and stay with her family. A housemate will be travelling to Japan.

"The cost of the tickets was so high that we couldn't afford to put a bid in for any of them ... and I think the mayhem and chaos caused by the Olympics would be a good reason to get out of London," Howse told Reuters.


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