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Real estate as an investment? Look elsewhere

The Globe and Mail
Real estate as an investment? Look elsewhere - property investment - Canada

As an active manager of stocks and bonds, we’ve always considered our biggest competitor to be the market indexes. Over time, our clients expect us to beat them. These days, however, we’re facing another formidable foe. It’s called real estate. Investors (young and old) have a significant portion of their net worth invested in their homes, and we’re seeing more of them consider adding an income property to their portfolio.

I wanted to see what we’re up against, so I put residential real estate through my usual research process. Just as I do with stocks and bonds, I looked at houses and condos from the perspective of economic fundamentals, valuation and market sentiment.

Starting with the economics, it would appear the supply side of the equation looks manageable (except maybe condos in Toronto). Housing starts have exceeded household formation for a decade, but the inventory of unsold homes is not excessive. The demand side, however, is less encouraging.


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