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Analysis: Home design: Handbags at dawn

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Analysis: Home design: Handbags at dawn - home design - South East Asia

Modern, high-end furniture sets new trends and surely deserves a spot at the top of the luxury product list.

Yesterday I returned to South East Asia after a month long excursion with the well-to-do of Park Avenue, and during my travels, I couldn’t help but be struck by the homogeny I saw, even when travelling 10,000 miles across the globe.

Interestingly enough, it was also a lesson in global trends. Even in the poorest countries I have visited, ladies are purse crazy. Every woman seems to have their own ideal bag, and these days US$2000, USUS$5000, or even US$25,000 is not unheard of as a “reasonable” amount to pay for the right handcrafted, branded, holder of junk.

What does vary greatly from person to person, however, is where the purse is positioned on their checklist of luxury must-haves. For me, if one is prepared to pay US$25,000 for a Birkin Bag, you probably should have acquired many other luxurious possessions prior, including a luxury home, beautifully designed furniture, designer wardrobes, first class transportation, a fine wine collection and many of the other symbols that help you buy your way up their own social ladder. If you own the coveted Hermes bag, you are surely expected to have the full spectrum that a high-lifestyle offers to accompany it?


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