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Hong Kong's incoming leader in illegal property structure scandal

Channel News Asia
Hong Kong's incoming leader in illegal property structure scandal - Hong Kong - property legal - luxury home

HONG KONG: Another scandal over unauthorised extensions to has hit again, and this time Hong Kong's incoming leader Leung Chun-ying is at the centre of the controversy.

Mr Leung has been caught with six illegal structures in his home, which he has ordered to be torn down.

Critics are in disbelief at the gaffe, as the discovery of an illegal basement led to the defeat of Henry Tang, Mr Leung's rival in the chief executive election.

This latest scandal comes just days before Mr Leung is sworn in as Hong Kong's new leader.

It has attracted yet another media frenzy, with press organisations hiring crane trucks to film and photograph what's going on inside Mr Leung's US$64 million luxury residence on The Peak.

A media report about a glass canopy in his garden prompted Building Department officers to inspect his home.

It then came to light that he had not one, but six illegal structures.

Mr Leung has been hastily tearing down the structures since, but it is expected to take two weeks to fill in an illegal 240-square-foot basement. 


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