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Advice from CPPCC on Property Curbs: Relax!

The Wall Street Journal
Advice from CPPCC on Property Curbs: Relax! - CPPCC - China - property advice

Adding to a growing chorus, a group of Chinese policy advisers has urged Beijing to pull back on its two-year property-tightening campaign.

According to a report in the state-run China Daily, the standing committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference called on the government to relax curbs in the once red-hot housing market, part of a broader proposal on policy adjustments to prevent the world’s second-largest economy from weakening further.

Mainly made up of non-Communist Party members, the CPPCC is the official advisory body to China’s legislature, the National People’s Congress. Advisory is the operative word: the CCPPC makes suggestions, but doesn’t make policy.


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