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English language, the competitiveness of Thailand and real estate

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English language, the competitiveness of Thailand and real estate - Thailand

Most of the articles I have written over the last decade focus on the positive aspects, or positive ways to approach real estate and law in Thailand. It is on rare occasions that I will focus on a negative point, as I believe negativity is contagious. In order to write this piece on a topic I feel strongly about, I have had to try hard in order to make the theme forward thinking and positive, whilst linking the origins of thought to a negative experience that I believe many consumers in the real estate market in Thailand have shared. Here goes…

Recently, I encountered a stubbornness, an unwillingness to compromise, and even charitably speaking, an ignorance that caused me to suspect that quite simple changes could be made to improve developers’ competitiveness, and the experience of consumers – Thai and foreign, in the real estate sector in Thailand. And this issue all related to one issue – English.

I passionately believe that Thailand has one of the best real estate markets in Asia, and is certainly in the high stakes in terms of its future potential, if developed properly. I have in fact partly built my business on this very belief, so I am not just puffing empty air. Aside from all of my firm’s clients, I personally own several pieces of real estate in Thailand within my means. Recently, I decided to acquire another condominium in Bangkok, not far from my principal Bangkok residence, as a buy-to-let investment. The location of the property is good, the price per square meter is fairly high, reflecting the apparent quality of build understood to be a trademark of the well-known property tycoon Thai family developer. I had spent about six months conducting casual research in other comparable products as well as other lower and higher priced products in similar locations.


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