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Hong Kong singles favour property to marriage: survey

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Hong Kong singles favour property to marriage: survey - Hong Kong - property

A new survey of over a thousand people in Hong Kong has revealed that property ownership is the most wanted life goal, rather than marriage.

Convoy Financial Services (Convoy), the fast growing and first adviser firm to get a quote on the Hong Kong stock market, commissioned the online survey to understand better the habits and attitudes of their target younger generation client group.

The results, conducted by research group ESDLIfe, showed that 43% of those interviewed identified property ownership as their top priority, followed by setting up their own business (20%), and having children (13%).

There was also a clear gender bias on some issues, such as the amount of time it would take to achieve the goal of property ownership. Just over two thirds of the sample (64%) considered that it would take five years or more to own a property, of which single males accounted for 50% and females 70%.

This significant difference was explained in the survey results by the 26% of males who chose high risk as the acceptable level in financial management against 14% of single females.


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