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$47 Million Price For Beijing's Most Expensive Luxury Villas

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$47 Million Price For Beijing's Most Expensive Luxury Villas - Beijing - Villa - luxury property

China may not have emperors anymore but you can certainly still live like one thanks to the country's luxury real estate development, The ThaiHot Mansion and Courtyards. ThaiHot Mansion, overseen by The Beijing Taihe Real Estate Development Co., is considered to be the most expensive you can find in China, with the cheapest apartment available priced at $4.7 million.

If you're wondering what you get with the steep price tag, you basically get treated like a ruler as you walk on gold, black marble floors, the help bowing to you as you pass by. If you're worried that one day the staff will decided to rise up against you, there's even a secret bullet-proof nook between bookshelves that can keep you safe. 

“In China now there’s no emperor, but living in such residences, there’s a feeling of being emperors and nobles,” says Shen Linan, assistant to the president of the Taihe Group. 

The ThaiHot Mansion and Courtyards by the Canal, located in the suburbs of eastern Beijing, is perhaps China’s most expensive and lavish real estate development. Of the 50 properties still available for sale, the cheapest one is listing at $4.7 million. The Beijing Taihe Real Estate Development Co. began work on the properties in 2002. 


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