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Select Thai properties to be offered to Chinese investors

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Select Thai properties to be offered to Chinese investors - Thailand - property investor - Chinese investor

A partner firm agreement has been signed between Pacvest Property Services, the property-marketing arm of Pacvest Group and Shanghai-based ACN Worldwide Inc. Pacvest will have access to the ACN marketing platform to offer select Thai properties to ACN’s extensive Mainland Chinese high net worth client base.

The agreement was fueled by the recent influx of Mainland Chinese tourists to Thailand, particularly in the establish resort destinations of Pattaya and Phuket. This has led to a high level of buyer demand for prime properties.

For buyers seeking investment-grade real estate in prime international locations, Thailand represents an excellent opportunity for above-average rental returns and capital gains. Location, quality and superior facilities are essential to satisfy the huge demand from the wealthy buyers.

“ACN’s sophisticated marketing platform, available exclusively though Pacvest, offers an unique opportunity for Thai developers to enter this largely, untapped market.” Anthony James, chairman of Pacvest Group, said in a press release.


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