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Natural beauty: The view from Tsarevets Fortress, where prices have plummeted   Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/property/article-1339431/Bargain-Bulgaria-The-Black-Sea-coast-crowded-Look-inland-rural-calm.html#ixzz18Rji1y2l

There aren't many places in the world where you can buy property for less than £10,000. Inland Bulgaria is one. It might sound an unusual choice, but this former communist stronghold is becoming a property hotspot - just as long as you avoid vast swathes of the country's 230-mile Black Sea coast.

European property market 'has good opportunities for investors'

Europe has a number of opportunities for people looking to buy real estate, it has been said. Commercial property investors have been advised to look at European real estate markets after it was suggested they could provide good opportunities to make money.

Auditor issues 'disclaimer' to reports on Shaws retail chain

CIARÁN HANCOCK The Irish Times 18.12.2010
The Dun Laoghaire branch of the Shaws retail chain. The retailer posted a combined €6.9 million in losses in the 12 months to the end of January 2010.Photograph: Aidan Crawley

AUDITORS TO the two main companies that comprise the family-owned Shaws retail chain issued “disclaimer” opinions to their reports because of issues relating to the valuation of property assets.

Britons' dreams of owning a home in Spain can quickly turn into a nightmare if they fall victim to a property scam Photo: Michelle Chaplow / Alamy

The UK government is currently dealing with more than a dozen different action groups made up of disenchanted expats who have lost hundreds of millions in property scams throughout Spain.

Spanish property prices fall

Zeb Bham Corporate FX 17.12.2010

Nearly 400 Britons lost £43 million in Spanish property deal

Ed Owen, and Caroline Gammell The Telegraph 15.12.2010
Spanish property prices fall

Individuals considering foreign mortgages for property in Spain may be interested to hear that average house prices fell during the third quarter.

Nearly 400 Britons lost £43 million in Spanish property deal

Nearly 400 people – including 300 Britons – have allegedly lost an estimated £34 million after paying deposits for non-existent holiday homes in the Costa del Sol.

Energy: Green growth in real estate sector

Cat Contiguglia The Prague Post 05.12.2010

Lake Property In Bulgaria

Quest Bulgaria 05.12.2010
ČSOB's headquarters, above and below, are housed in the country's first LEED-certified office building.

At a time when office developers are endeavoring to differentiate their projects from those of the competition, Swedish developer Skanska has decided to completely change its Central European portfolio over to LEED-certified projects, a sector experts say is set to grow in the coming years.

Lake Property In Bulgaria

Bulgaria is home to many glacial lakes, most of which are located high in the Rila and Pirin Mountains. Most of these natural lakes sit at altitudes of 2,200 to 2,400 m, with the highest lying lake, Ledenika Lake in the Rila Mountains, being situated at an altitude of 2,715 m. Lakes such as these lie in protected areas and are not suitable or permissible for building projects.

Retired property owners welcome extra income

Costa del Sol Erope Weekly News 30.11.2010
Retired property owners welcome extra income

The Costa del Sol has long been a favorite destination for Europeans to enjoy their retirement. Having the best climate in Europe, excellent communications and a truly cosmopolitan lifestyle are amongst the many reasons why. However, many pensioners are now finding that exchange rates, faltering investments or the general economic downturn are leaving them with less monthly income than they expected.

Irish real estate described as one of the most vulnerable in the world

Property markets in Ireland are among the most vulnerable in the world with prices in Dublin having fallen by 44% since their peak.

Banks to slash Spain property prices

A Place In The Sun 27.11.2010
Banks to slash Spain property prices

Banks in Spain now recognise that they have no alternative but to reduce Spain property prices further if they are going to have any chance of attracting more buyers.

Sir Sean Connery ordered to pay millions in investigation into Spanish property fraud

Sir Sean Connery is among those ordered to deposit a combined sum of €60 million (£51m) with a Spanish court investigating allegations of corruption surrounding his former mansion on the Costa del Sol.

British interest in Irish property growing

DARA KELLY Irish Central 19.11.2010
British interest in Irish property growing

The Irish property market is an increasingly tempting investment to growing numbers of British investors.

Spain offering property investment options

Homeowners who are looking to purchase a property in Spain have been advised that there are some good deals on offer.

Property tax could raise €1.1bn

LAURA SLATTERY Irish Times 13.11.2010
Luc Philips: uneasy over loans to builders transferred to Nama

RESIDENTIAL MORTGAGES: BELGIAN BANK KBC is “uneasy” about loans to property developers that Irish banks have transferred to the National Asset Management Agency (Nama) because the so-called bad bank could start “dumping” them at distressed prices in the market.

Property tax could raise €1.1bn

A PROPERTY tax would be most easily introduced if it was based on floor area, but such a tax would be unfair on lower income groups, according to a study by researchers at the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI).

Agencies compete for insolvencies

Irish Times 11.11.2010
Agencies compete for insolvencies

Two Dublin estate agencies are to start managing properties in receivership TWO DUBLIN-BASED estate agencies are to go into direct competition with insolvency accountants to handle the ever-increasing number of properties going into receivership. The agencies are in the process of setting up individual insolvency divisions to manage non-performing property assets while a strategy is agreed to realise their maximum value.

Bulgarian Govt Discards Luxury Property Tax as Useless

Bulgaria will not not introduce higher levies on luxury properties, MP Menda Stoyanova, head of the budget and finance committee of the Bulgarian Parliament, declared.

New wave of distressed property to enter Spanish market

Individuals looking to buy real estate in Spain could be about to benefit from a new wave of distressed property coming onto the market.


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