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Paris property market 'makes gains'

Property Showrooms 21.02.2012

Bulgarian Real Estate Update

Quest Bulgaria 19.02.2012
Paris property market 'makes gains'

Paris has been named as one of the best performing world-class cities, with its real estate market experiencing significant price growth.

Bulgarian Real Estate Update

Recent reports released by Bulgarian real estate agents state that property prices in the country have taken yet another fall over recent months.Since mid 2011 the value of properties have seen a decrease of 5% but according to some of Bulgaria's biggest real estate companies there are now showing signs of prices stabilising towards the second half of 2012.

Portugal 'expecting rise in distressed property for sale'

The volume of distressed property in Portugal is expected to increase over the first quarter of 2012, compared to the final three months of 2011.

Photo credit: AP | In this Thursday Feb. 9, 2012 photo houses available for sale are seen in Barcelona, Spain. Spain's phenomenal real estate crash and economic implosion has turned what was supposed to become a vibrant suburban paradise for young Spanish couples and their children into one of the most visible monuments of the country's real estate boom gone bust. (AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti)

SESENA, Spain - (AP) -- Towering apartment blocks, complete with swimming pools and playgrounds, loom over empty streets, weed-filled lots and gaping excavation pits. The lone bank in this mega-development nicknamed "Manhattan" closed two years ago and most storefronts are bricked up.

The streets of Poland's capital, Warsaw.

New proposal will move compensation cases for property lost under Nazis and Communists from public committees to court system; Jewish groups in Poland say they will not accept changes.

Italian property being sold below market value

Now is the time to buy property in Italy, according to many of the country’s agents, who are seeing homes in the country being sold at below market value.

The up-and-coming districts luring foreign buyers in Paris

Laura Henderson The Telegraph 06.02.2012
Spain’s Property Purge No Panacea for Loan Drought

Spain’s bid to unblock the flow of credit to its economy by imposing 50 billion euros ($66 billion) of charges on banks for their real estate may not be enough to make them lend and persuade consumers to borrow.

The up-and-coming districts luring foreign buyers in Paris

France may be licking its financial wounds after losing its triple-A credit rating last month, but the stuffing hasn’t entirely been knocked out of the country’s hawkish economy. Real estate is still proving a safe and sustainable investment prospect, especially in the capital. Property prices rose by 2.7 per cent for the third quarter of 2011 alone, with a hefty 19 per cent rise for the previous 12 months, making apartments within the city centre some of the priciest bricks and mortar in the world.

Spanish real estate exhibition 2012 in Madrid

Ilya Kozlovskiy Andalusia Travel 30.01.2012
New ways of financing property purchase in Portugal

Infinito Real, a Portugal based property agent, has found that with bank lending continuing to be the main stumbling block in the Portuguese property market, investors and developers are now looking at new ways in which to side step the banks allowing them to secure a deal.

Spanish real estate exhibition 2012 in Madrid

On February 24-27 in the Palace of Fame of the famous Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid will be held the largest Spanish real estate exhibition - SIMA 2012 (Salón Inmobiliario de Madrid). And although the main part of the exhibition is traditionally held on April 19-22 at the Feria de Madrid Exhibition Complex, organizers of the winter session expect a high level of interest, both among exhibitors and buyers.

Polish property offers good prospects

Ben Habib FT Adviser 23.01.2012
Polish property offers good prospects

It was the only EU member country not to go into recession following the onset of the credit crunch and its growth has accelerated in the past couple of years. GDP is set to grow by some 4 per cent this year.

72% of houses in distressed property auctions sold for cash

The auction house behind last year's distressed property auctions has revealed that almost three quarters of the properties sold were bought for cash. Allsop Space held four auctions of distressed property and land in Dublin last year.

Property prices continue decline

CIARA O'BRIEN Irish Times 23.06.2011
Italy would gain an additional 100 million euros from increasing levies on the church to include all its commercial property, said Paolo Berdini, urban planner and consultant for local administrations.

Nothing may prove to be untouchable in the European debt crisis. The Catholic Church in Italy is under pressure from both governing and opposition politicians to start paying taxes on all its commercial property after Prime Minister Mario Monti asked Italians to swallow 20 billion euros ($25.5 billion) of budget cuts and pay a levy on their homes.

Residential property prices have now fallen an average of 41 per cent from the peak recorded in 2007. Photograph: Bloomberg

Property prices continued to decline in May, falling by 1.2 per cent compared to April and 12.2 per cent over the year. Nationally, prices have now fallen an average of 41 per cent from the peak recorded in 2007.

Poland property market set for growth

A Place in the Sun 23.06.2011

European investors eye Asian real estate

Property Report 22.06.2011
Poland property market set for growth

The Poland property market is reportedly the property investment hot spot in Europe, according to property investment firm Property Venture.

European investment into commercial real estate in Asia is likely to increase in the next three to five years.

European real estate investors are likely to invest more funds in commercial properties in Asia in coming years as they gain confidence in a region that is leading growth, according to Steffen Wolf, a senior executive at Savills Asia-Pacific. The property services firm believes investment will increase significantly in the next three to five years and argues that focus has changed substantially in the past 12-15 months. The entire Asian region including North Asia, Australia and India are of interest to European investors.

Many Britons have seen their dream of owning a Spanish home turn into a nightmare; especially those whose homes have been deemed 'illegal' and demolished Photo: Robert Brook / Alamy

Last month when the Spanish government organised a property road show in the UK, attempting to lure Britons to invest in its saturated housing market, it was greeted with derision and angry public demonstrations. What did it honestly expect?

French property market at risk from tighter lending criteria

Some French banks have already taken steps to tighten lending criteria for non-residents and now BNP Paribas is set to do the same, according to the Financial Times.

Two tourists take pictures of Athens, Greece from Mount Lycabettus on June 1, 2011. (Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

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