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Irish property prices fall in April after remaining stable in March

Average residential property prices in Ireland have fallen by 16.4% in the year to the end of April, according to the latest data from the Central Statistical Office.

A man uses a Bankia cash machine in Madrid. Bania has the biggest exposure to Spain's failed property markets. Photograph: Pedro Armestre/AFP/Getty Images

Of all Spain's troubled banks, Bankia has the biggest exposure to failed property developments.

Spain Avoids Bank Bailout; Nationalizes Bankia Saddled with $42 Billion in Bad Real Estate Loans

A housing boom that went bust in 2008 has forced Spain to overhaul its entire banking system - a system that showed Bankia, the nation's largest real estate lending consortium, to be saddled with $42 billion ($32 billion Euros) in bad property loans.

More restrictions on foreign property buyers in Switzerland

Further restrictions on foreign buyers in Switzerland are due to take effect from January 2013, making it even more difficult to buy a second home in the country popular for its ski and lakeside resorts.

House Hunting in ... Cyprus

New York Times 20.05.2012

Affordable homes, but it won't last

Simon Collins 18.05.2012
A stone villa is on the market in the hill town of Pano Lefkara in south central Cyprus for $585,943. The villa is actually two adjacent homes, one with red doors, right, and the other with blue doors.  More Photos »

A TWO-FAMILY VILLA WITH A POOL IN CYPRUS. 450,000 euros ($585,943) This two-story white stone villa in the picturesque town of Pano Lefkara in south-central Cyprus was built around 1900. A pair of adjoining small houses with a total of four bedrooms, the villa largely retains its original structure, though it has been updated by the well-known Cypriot architect Yiannis Armeftis with a swimming pool and features like a spa room and a courtyard.

Affordable homes, but it won't last

Experts are backing a Government claim that New Zealand houses are affordable again - but warn that the sweet spot won't last when interest rates eventually go up.

No magic bullet for banks' property crisis

It is going to take more than a decade to unwind the excess property assets financed by the banks during the noughties THE BANKS in Ireland, including IBRC and Nama, have more than €30 billion of Irish loans relating to property which they need to unwind over the next five to seven years in order to meet the Basel capital adequacy requirements and also repay the temporary ECB loan support. This unwinding process has started by the sale of overseas assets and loan books but is mainly outstanding in Ireland.

Spanish property presents opportunities for investors

Real estate in Spain is looking more attractive to British buyers than it has for many years. This is the assertion of Jon Ainge, director of International Property Success, who explained the strength of sterling against the euro, as well as the inventory of distressed property, makes the country a good target for overseas buyers.

Cyprus' market struggles to 'pass go and collect 200'

The Cypriot property market struggles to shake off the slump as property and rental prices have continued to drop.

European commercial property markets suffering from economic malaise, says RICS

Expectations in both the occupier and investment markets in the real estate sector has improved across much of the world during first quarter of 2012, however more European markets follow the negative trend, according to the latest Global Commercial Property Survey from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Denial pervades Spain property developers

Madness in Spain lingers as Ireland chases recovery. In the stages of death of a real estate boom, Spain is still in denial. In Ireland, they’re moving toward acceptance. The first auction of one of 2 000 unfinished housing estates takes place today at the Shelbourne Hotel in central Dublin, with sales expected to fetch cents on the euro, showing the Irish may be closer to the end than the beginning.

Property buyers see France as a safe haven, experts believe

Popular regions in France are continuing to attract property buyers with the more wealthy looking for areas that they regard as a safe investment.

Cyprus banks taking ‘dramatic measures’ to shift property

The three largest Cypriot banks are taking ‘dramatic measures’ in order to raise enough capital to cover the losses they have suffered as a result of the Greek debt crisis.

Bulgaria's real estate market stabilising - realtors

Bulgaria's real estate market was still far from the peaks reached at the height of the property boom in 2007, but appears to have bottomed out, data released on April 9 by two local realtors showed.

Cyprus banks should offload distressed property

Cyprus Property News 19.04.2012
France and Spain head the field among UK property buyers overseas

Despite the euro crisis, France and Spain are still the most popular countries for Britons looking to buy property abroad, according to a survey.

CYPRUS’ three largest banks, Bank of Cyprus, Popular Bank and Hellenic Bank are involved in ambitious capital raising exercises to cover massive losses sustained on their Greek sovereign debt exposure and distressed property holdings in Greece and Cyprus.

The attempt to reach the capital targets may however not be successful if the banks don’t rush to offload distressed and non-core assets.

Property becomes the bane of Spain

The National Business Review 17.04.2012
A bank stormed by demonstrators following clashes between police and protesters after a general strike in Barcelona, Spain, on March 30, 2012.

Spain’s surging bad loans are spurring doubt on whether the government can persuade investors that it can clean up the country’s banks without further damaging public finances.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy

The bane of Spain is that a breakneck decade of growth has not only faltered but has also reversed with bewildering implications.

RE/MAX franchise opens on Saipan

Spain Trubune 17.04.2012
Marcia Ayuyu, right, of the newly opened RE/MAX Paradise Realty on Saipan poses with RE/MAX Guam representatives (left to right) Leonard P. Campos, managing director for international development; Gina Campos, associate broker and certified residential specialist; Elizabeth C. Duenas, associate broker; and John P. Duenas, Micronesia partner. (Clarissa V. David)

Government officials and business leaders witnessed yesterday the grand opening of RE/MAX Paradise Realty, the local franchise of the leading real estate company in the U.S. and throughout the world.


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