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Polish Real Estate Market In Decline

Poland Business 11.07.2012
Polish Real Estate Market In Decline

Warsaw, Poland July 3 , 2012 - The Polish residential real estate market is in a slow decline as people have expended their savings, credit has dried up, and the incentive program for young people in Poland to buy has expired.

Prospective buyers at tomorrow’s Allsop Space auction should do their research, or repent at leisure

Free Tickets to A Place In the Sun Live

Cyprus Propery News 06.07.2012
Amanda Lamb, Jonnie Irwin and Jasmine Harman (photo: A Place in the Sun)

Free tickets are available to the A Place In The Sun Live overseas property exhibition at NEC Birmingham between 28th – 30th September where advice on buying property in Cyprus and many other destinations will be given.

A labourer works at a construction site in Beijing: fears that China's property market is heading for a hard landing have eased recently. Photograph: Jason Lee/Reuters

Nervous investors were even more jittery last week after a report by the US-based short-seller Citron Research said China’s second-biggest property company by sales, Evergrande, was “insolvent”, “fraudulent” and a Ponzi scheme.

Bank lending available for property in Portugal

A leading overseas mortgage specialist has seen an increase in enquiries for property in Portugal over recent months, with buyers looking to snap up a bargain in the country. Conti, an overseas mortgage expert, now says that Portugal is the third most popular destination with overseas property buyers looking for a foreign home loan.

Exceptional luxury property in Germany sees significant price growth

The most expensive residential locations in Germany have risen significantly in value once again between 2010 and 2011, according to the latest survey of he country’s luxury property market from Engel & Völkers.

Bulgarians Rush to Buy Property in Greece

There has been a reported increase in Bulgarians who buy property, mostly houses, in Greece. The general financial crisis has mushroomed into a series of crises in every sector and as a result, many Europeans are finding offers and buying houses in Greece. Moreover, due to the same reason, property prices in the country have decreased by almost 10% during the past six months.

The national flag of Italy flies from the balcony of a residential property in Rome, on June 16, 2012.

Luciano Di Pardo, a lawyer in Milan, is dodging Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti’s new real estate tax.

Up and down the property ladder

Irish Times 22.06.2012
Up and down the property ladder

A generation of people now have very different views from their parents about property. In recent years they have chosen – or been forced – to rent for longer. It is usually a more expensive choice

Shortage of homes for under 35s in cities to spark price surge

HOUSE prices are poised to rise quickly in some areas because of pent-up demand among under-35s seeking to buy a family home.

Spain Real Estate Investors Reassured After Bailout

Property in Spain and the country’s recently emerged ‘ghost towns’ have been given new hope, despite claims that the $125 billion bailout will raise more questions rather than answers, reports Holprop Property and Real Estate - the leading international property portal

Reinstated Property Tax Won’t Put Italians Off Homeownership

Italians are lining up to pay their property tax today as the deadline looms; the period for paying one of the levies reinstated by Prime Minister Mario Monti in December is coming to an end. The state hopes to raise about 21 billion euros – 9 billion euros will be for the central government and 12 billion will pour into local council coffers, Repubblica reports. That’s if everyone pays up.

A Property Buyer's Guide to Bulgaria

The Wall Street Journal 18.06.2012
A Property Buyer's Guide to Bulgaria

From zoning and mortgages to documentation and taxes, what you'll need to know when buying a property in Bulgaria.

France's property downturn is good news for British bargain hunters

Just four years ago, the plunging pound forced thousands of Brits to abandon their dream of a new life in France. But with the euro falling to new lows against the pound, and the French property market showing signs of recession, the tide is turning.

Property market has slowed down in Paris

Property Community 08.06.2012
Property market has slowed down in Paris

After a very active January, with vendors keen to beat the new legislation on Capital Gains Tax and buyers snapping up good deals, the property market in Paris has slowed down considerably, according to a new report.

Overseas bargain hunters poised ready to snap up cheap property in Greece

Overseas buyers are becoming increasingly interested in property in Greece as people expect prices to plummet if the country leaves the euro.

German real estate funds hit by redemption demands

The Wall Street Journal 07.06.2012
German real estate funds hit by redemption demands

German real-estate funds facing redemption demands from investors are planning to liquidate about €20bn ($25bn) in assets, a move that could put pressure on property values in markets throughout Europe.

The Bulgarian Property Market 2012

The ongoing economic recovery and growth since the end of 2010 has brought optimism and helped the real estate market to start gradual recovery from the crisis, which was evident in the first half of 2011.

French mortgage rates close to historic lows

French mortgage rates are approaching historic lows at a time when currency exchange makes its more affordable for overseas buyers, according to loan experts.


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