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Property taxes set to rise in Toronto

Homes Go Fast 07.11.2012
Property taxes set to rise in Toronto

If you’re thinking of buying a property in the Canadian city of Toronto then you could shortly face a higher tax bill. Property taxes in the Ontario city are set to rise thanks to a 22.8 per cent rise in the average value of a property in the city since 2008.

In Vancouver, Home Sales Hit the Brakes

The Wall Street Journal 31.10.2012
Home sales in the Vancouver metropolitan area dropped 33% in September compared with the year-ago month, while listings rose 14%. Above, a condominium unit in downtown Vancouver.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia—After a blistering, multiyear run that saw ramshackle bungalows fetch seven-figure sums, one of the hottest real-estate markets in North America seems to be cooling, damped in part by government changes meant to deflate what many policy makers saw as the start of a bubble.

Canada will avoid U.S.-style real estate bubble, bank says

TORONTO — The news out of Canada’s real estate market isn’t good, but the country will avoid a U.S.-style real estate meltdown, CIBC said Tuesday.


Business clients looking to buy insurance in coming months can expect to see a mix of rising and falling commercial property/casualty rates in 2013, says a new report by Willis Group Holdings.

Assessed value of Ontario homes to rise, property tax may follow

Ontario homeowners will see the determined value of their houses rise 4.5 per cent in each of the next four years — and may face tax increases as a result — following a report that found property values have risen 18 per cent since the last update in 2008.

Toronto Community Housing REIT coming soon?

The Globe And Mail 20.09.2012
Single Canadians buying real estate should be more diligent than couples

VANCOUVER — Cobi Falconer single-handedly paid down the mortgage on her Vancouver condo while also paying tuition for four university degrees and working numerous jobs simultaneously.

Reminders of water damage can be seen on the side of 177 Pendrith St., a Toronto Community Housing building in Toronto's west end, where a number of apartments are in need of repairs, photographed March 10 2011.

Amid the offerings in the hot Real Estate Investment Trust market, income-craving investors may soon see an unusual new option: A portfolio of social housing buildings in downtown Toronto.

The Toronto skyline. A new study says Canada’s commercial real estate sector contributed $63.3-billion to the economy last year.

Commercial real estate generated $63.3-billion in economic activity in Canada last year, making the sector’s economic contribution twice as large as the entire economy of the province of Newfoundland & Labrador, according to a new report.

Canadian home sales in August slipped 5.8 per cent compared with July and were down 8.9 per cent compared with August a year ago.

OTTAWA — The Canadian Real Estate Association has cut its forecast for Canadian home sales this year and next and lowered its national average price forecast.

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