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New French property tax 'should not affect market too much'

Property Showroom 29.08.2012
New French property tax 'should not affect market too much'

The new taxes being levied on foreign owners of French property are not likely to affect the market too much, according to one local real estate agent.

Brits who bought an idyllic holiday home in France like this in Burgundy have been warned the property market is in 'freefall'

British people with homes in France were today warned that the property market is in 'free fall'.

France's property downturn is good news for British bargain hunters

Just four years ago, the plunging pound forced thousands of Brits to abandon their dream of a new life in France. But with the euro falling to new lows against the pound, and the French property market showing signs of recession, the tide is turning.

Property market has slowed down in Paris

Property Community 08.06.2012
Property market has slowed down in Paris

After a very active January, with vendors keen to beat the new legislation on Capital Gains Tax and buyers snapping up good deals, the property market in Paris has slowed down considerably, according to a new report.

French mortgage rates close to historic lows

French mortgage rates are approaching historic lows at a time when currency exchange makes its more affordable for overseas buyers, according to loan experts.

Property buyers see France as a safe haven, experts believe

Popular regions in France are continuing to attract property buyers with the more wealthy looking for areas that they regard as a safe investment.

Vintage investments: buy a house in France

Forget your Caribbean crash-pads and Bangkok bungalows. For many British buyers, France remains the foreign property dream: sunshine, scenery and, mais oui, the food. What’s more, the beating that the euro has taken of late means that now is a great time to buy. On the one hand, France isn’t about to go bankrupt, but on the other, the situation in Greece, Spain and Italy is dragging down French property prices.

Foreign buyers see Paris as a safe property haven

British, Italian and German buyers were the most active in the luxury Paris property market in 2011, according to research from Knight Frank, but interest increased from buyers in Russian, the Middle East and Asia.

France 'remains a safe haven for property investors'

France's appeal to real estate investors has been strengthened by the news the country is likely to experience positive economic growth in 2012.

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