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Irish investors fed more BS about BP, this time on the down-side

Erik D'Amato realdeal.hu 19.02.2010
Irish investors fed more BS about BP, this time on the down-side

You really have to pity the poor Irish investors now sitting on Budapest property. It's bad enough that they had their expectations for making a killing on local real estate unjustifiably stoked when the market was on the up.

Hungary Real Estate: Why Not To Invest

nuwire investor 29.05.2009
Hungary Real Estate: Why Not To Invest

The Central European country of Hungary has been one of the hardest hit by the global financial crisis. According to the CIA Factbook "Hungary's impending inability to service its short-term debt - brought on by the global credit crunch in late 2008 - led Budapest to seek and receive an IMF-arranged financial assistance package worth over $25 billion." Despite the city of Budapest ranking 70th in the world's most expensive property markets, economic turmoil is expected to result in significant housing declines through 2010. To learn more about why the Hungary real estate is in trouble, see the following article by Global Property Guide.

Hungary TriGranit puts Romanian and Russian projects on hold

Hungary's giant real estate developer TriGranit has decided to put off two of its projects due to the global financial and economic crisis. The group's other five ongoing projects remain unaffected.

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