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Demand for housing in Singapore – is it sustainable?

Property Report 26.10.2012
Demand for housing in Singapore – is it sustainable?

One of the local media reporters recently asked me if I thought that the demand for housing in Singapore was sustainable. What prompted her question was the fact that the government seems to be launching wave after wave of BTO flats as well as land parcels for private residential development. As a potential home owner herself, she wondered if there would eventually be an oversupply of residential properties in Singapore. In this article, I shall look at sustainability from two perspectives – one is demand for homes and the other is from the angle of price.

English language, the competitiveness of Thailand and real estate

Most of the articles I have written over the last decade focus on the positive aspects, or positive ways to approach real estate and law in Thailand. It is on rare occasions that I will focus on a negative point, as I believe negativity is contagious. In order to write this piece on a topic I feel strongly about, I have had to try hard in order to make the theme forward thinking and positive, whilst linking the origins of thought to a negative experience that I believe many consumers in the real estate market in Thailand have shared. Here goes…

Top 10 Real Estate Buyers' Markets

Chicago, Milwaukee and Cleveland lead the list of Zillow's top real estate buyers' markets, with homes in those metropolitan areas taking longer to sell and buyers receiving an average discount of 5 percent off asking prices.

Long name, hot property

The Sydney Morning Herald 06.07.2012

Advice from CPPCC on Property Curbs: Relax!

The Wall Street Journal 06.07.2012
Veronica Morgan and Bryce Holdaway host the new Location franchise.   Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/tv-and-radio/long-name-hot-property-20120704-21fyo.html#ixzz1zuaL9lDg

SERIOUSLY, has there ever been a longer title for a show? At 12 or 13 syllables, depending on how you pronounce ''Australia'', LifeStyle's latest adaptation of a British property format - Location, Location, Location Australia - hardly rolls off the tongue. ''Our rule is 40 letters, which is how many letters you can get on the EPG [electronic program guide] and we just got on,'' says LifeStyle's director of commissioning, Emma Westcott.

Advice from CPPCC on Property Curbs: Relax!

Adding to a growing chorus, a group of Chinese policy advisers has urged Beijing to pull back on its two-year property-tightening campaign.

Buyer Inquiries on the Rise This year, nearly six in 10 (59 percent) respondents report an uptick in buyer inquiries compared to this time last year. This is a significant increase from only 44 percent reporting increases in 2011, and 43 percent in 2010. At the same time, only 15 percent say they are getting fewer inquiries than a year ago, down from nearly three in 10 (29 percent) for the prior two years.

Real Estate Investment outlook for Asia in 2H2012

Macroeconomic outlook We see the global economic climate for the second half of 2012 as “not pretty” as Europe is headed for a recession, while the United States is facing anemic growth at best, and slowing growth rates in Asia. Nonetheless, Asia remains the bright spot for growth amid the bleak economic backdrop. We view Asia as an extremely heterogeneous market. Asia has approximately 50 countries which are different from each other in terms of stage of development, governance systems, transparency in real estate markets, tax regimes, and official languages used. Given the diversity in Asia, we view Asia as a collection of distinct local markets and broadly classify them into two categories: developed Asia and emerging Asia.

Analysis: Home design: Handbags at dawn

Property Report 19.06.2012
How much does an average property agent earn?

I was recently invited by the Institute of Estate Agents (IEA) to be one of the panel judges for the Realtor of the Year award. Along with my fellow judges, I was given the sacred task of interviewing and identifying a suitable candidate who embodied the values of a model realtor. Apart from being top performers (in terms of commissioned earned), they also had to be professional in conduct and provide warm and personable service.

Analysis: Home design: Handbags at dawn

Modern, high-end furniture sets new trends and surely deserves a spot at the top of the luxury product list.

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