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Sharp reduction in construction of real estate

Construction of new residential real estate has fallen drastically, according to data released by the National Statistics Institute (NSI), published on June 3.

3 Bailout Strategies for Real Estate Investors

RISMEDIA, June 4, 2009-Real estate investors and vacation home buyers represented 35-40% of all residential property purchases in the years before the market downturn. Yet, many of these same investors are now experiencing serious negative equity and cash flow issues, and they are wondering if and when they will start seeing some relief.

The spectacular views remain the same, but Vail real estate is undergoing a lull which is challenging sellers to properly price their listing.

June 1, 2009 — News Analysis - According to Barron’s (11/24/08) the price of luxury homes (greater than $5 million) is down 20 percent since peaking in 2007 and expected to drop another 10-15 percent before bottoming out in 2010. Without further belaboring the dismal economic news and statistics from the last 3 months or so, we are possibly at the apex of the worst recession since the Great Depression.

Baylor Researchers Find Consumers' Expectations of Real Estate Agents Rely on Three Factors

A Baylor University business study of recent home buyers and sellers found that most consumers rely on three basic factors when deciding on an individual real estate agent for buying or selling a home.

No more property market speculation for a generation

Jonathan Howell-Jones kippreport 27.05.2009
No more property market speculation for a generation

The property market speculation that fueled growth in Dubai and around the world is unlikely to return for at least a generation, according to Nobel economist Paul Krugman. Speaking at the Megatrends conference in Abu Dhabi, he said, “If we wait a couple of generations, we might have it happen. I think this has been one hell of a lesson for people who thought that real estate prices only go up.”

Analysts Optimistic About Rebound in Japanese Real Estate

Japan is feeling the pain from decline in global demand for autos, electronics, and other consumer goods - which are a staple of their economy. The fall of real estate prices in Japan is starting to attract interest from international investors who see opportunity in owning real estate in the second largest economy in the world. Continue reading to learn more about why analysts are optimistic about the Japanese property market in the following article from Property Wire.

Analysts divided on UAE mortgage crisis

Nadim Kawach Emirate Business 247 26.05.2009
Analysts divided on UAE mortgage crisis

A sharp decline in the UAE real estate market over the past few months after rapid growth in the previous two years has underscored fears about a possible mortgage crisis in the country.

Property prices to remain depressed - Aldar CEO

The UAE property market is in line for another 12 months of depressed performance, according to the CEO of Aldar, the biggest developer in Abu Dhabi.

Real estate market picking up as economy improves

ERIN EDGEMON The Murfreesboro Post 25.05.2009
Opinion: Many Brits Waiting to Buy Spanish Property when Market Bottoms

It has been revealed in the last few days that the Spanish economy is contracting at a record rate; down 1.9% on a quarterly basis, and 3.0% on an annual basis in the first quarter of this year. The story is similar to that of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, as the trio prove the correlation between the bigger the boom the harder the fall.

Real estate market picking up as economy improves

Rutherford County’s real estate market is beginning to pick up as economy begins to improve, said local real estate agents.

Real estate economist Lawrence Yun coming to Tampa

Tampa Bay Business Journal 22.05.2009
Real estate economist Lawrence Yun coming to Tampa

Tampa real estate practitioners will have a chance to meet with Lawrence Yun, the chief economist for the National Association of Realtors.

Spain's Residential Construction Equipment Market Collapse (RBA, TEX, Liebherr)

The Spain's residential real estate collapse side-effects are now being seen in construction equipment markets, as exagerated demand for construction created an unsustainable market for cranes, trucks, tractors, mechanical diggers. Companies in the construction equipment industry, now face both the complete dryness of one of their booming markets and the competitive pressure coming from strained used equipment.

Real Estate Analysts Predict Foreclosure Flood

President Obama has rolled out several initiatives since mid-February to stem the rising tide of foreclosures. But some analysts predict another strong round of foreclosures before those measures take hold.

Bank Loans More Vulnerable to Commercial Real Estate Losses

In a new analysis, Moody’s explains why bank loans are more vulnerable to commercial real estate losses than mortgage securities backed by CRE or life insurance company CRE loans.

Buyers, sellers differ on right price level

Lorraine Mirabella baltimoresun.com 20.05.2009
A poll of real estate brokers indicated their clients' contrasting attitudes toward the pricing of homes. A separate poll showed that homeowners clearly understand that home values have plummeted. (Getty Images / October 30, 2007)

More than two thirds of home sellers believe their homes should be priced higher than an agent's recommended listing price, while two thirds of buyers believe homes are overpriced, say Maryland real estate agents in a HomeGain poll released Monday.

Asian property may keep sliding, analysts say

Asian property values may keep sliding this year as the global credit crisis and economic slowdown undermine investor confidence, investors and analysts said.

Property slump worsens across the globe

Daniel Thomas Ninemsn 19.05.2009
Analysts say S'pore private property market could pick up this year

SINGAPORE : Brokerage DBS Vickers said the Singapore private property market could pick up this year.

Property slump worsens across the globe

The slump across global commercial property markets has accelerated since the turn of the year, with the emerging markets in particular struggling under the combination of capital value and rental falls.

"You're hired!" Zuma tells Sexwale

Denise Mhlanga Realestate Web 13.05.2009
"You're hired!" Zuma tells Sexwale

Now go out and solve the housing crisis, Tokyo. Details, analysis about duo facing up to South Africa’s biggest property problem.


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