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So you think you can invest?

Ozair Ali Tribune 07.09.2010
So you think you can invest?

KARACHI: The year is 2000 and you have just received a crisp one thousand rupee note from a distant uncle on Eid. Being the prodigious aspiring investment banker that you are, you invest the amount and look forward ten years into the future.

Reidin.Com Index Reveals 2.25% Decrease In Dubai Apartment Prices In July

REIDIN.com, the leading real estate information company covering emerging markets has today announced the July 2010 figures of its Sales Price Index for Dubai (SPID). SPID is part of REIDIN.com's INDEXFocus-UAE product, an online database of proprietary real estate indices for the UAE designed to accurately track price fluctuations in the residential real estate market.

Global REIT Activity in H1 2010

Property Report 04.09.2010
10 questions about new property rules

Ms Tan wanted to buy a resale three-room flat for her twilight years, but the new property regulations have put a spanner in the works.

Global REIT Activity in H1 2010

Globally, sales of significant commercial properties, excluding land sales, totaled just under $65B in Q2, a slight decrease from the $67B in the first quarter. On a year-over-year basis, the first half of 2010 is up almost 50% over the same time period in 2009.

What’s the point of research when it’s just plain wrong?

The Global Property Guide has one again come in for some criticism following its latest report last week which hailed Singapore as the best performing property market in the world.

Singapore’s latest pre-emptive measures are not unfamiliar

The latest round of anti-speculative measures that Singapore’s Ministry of National Development released today are largely aimed at curbing potential speculation rather than affecting first time buyers and genuine home occupiers.

Property hand-over procedures after construction – What needs to be considered?

Upon completion of construction works, a seller or contractor usually wishes to swiftly hand-over the completed property to its buyer and thereby trigger further payment obligations of the buyer.

Why Real Estate Needs To Have An Internet Renaissance

It’s a cliché to note that the internet has completely changed business. For big companies and small, the web has allowed businesses to be more efficient, advertise better, and scale faster.

Home owners face four years of negative equity

Myra Butterworth The Telegraph 01.09.2010

Investors fear housing bubble will pop

ERIC JOHNSTON The Sydney Morning Herald 11.03.2010
Home owners face four years of negative equity

Home owners who bought at the height of the property boom face another four years of negative equity before they recover what they paid, new figures reveal today.

The great Australian dream ... but the housing market remains tight and prices high. Photo: Peter Braig

WHEN the chief executive of the Commonwealth Bank, Ralph Norris, recently caught up with investors in New York, talks soon turned to the topic of the heady Australian housing market.

Analysts say there will be no property price increase in the US for several years

The rate at which residential property prices are dropping in the US may be slowly coming to a halt across the country but are unlikely to rise in the near future, according to analysts.

Beijing property prices predicted to be steady in 2010, according to analysts

Residential property prices in Beijing are expected to maintain a steady course during 2010 and the city’s mayor has promised not to use administrative measures to intervene in the market.

Are You Ready to Buy Real Estate Now?

Marc Roth Business Week 19.02.2010
Are You Ready to Buy Real Estate Now?

It's been eight months since I began providing readers with data and my thoughts about residential real estate. Based on the majority of your comments, we are in agreement that while our country is obviously in the midst of volatile economic change, this turmoil has also spurred tremendous and unprecedented opportunities.

Property investors and renters will await the Government's decision with interest. Photo / Janna Dixon

The future of the complex rental market and taxes is difficult to judge, writes senior property lecturer James Young

State must not bank on bailout of bad mortgages

Brian Lucey The Irish Times 03.02.2010
Strong recovery in real estate investment as investor confidence returns, says report.

Asian real estate investment markets posted a strong recovery in the second half of 2009 after witnessing a difficult start to the year, according to data released today by CB Richard Ellis. Investment turnover bottomed out in the first quarter but improved thereafter as investor confidence gradually returned, underpinned by the strong rebound in the equity markets, the persistence of low financing costs and a stabilizing trend in price levels across key markets.

State must not bank on bailout of bad mortgages

OPINION: GROWING UP beside the seaside, one becomes familiar with the sea and its actions. One thing that becomes clear is that while the first wave of a storm may do great damage, it is the subsequent waves that complete the destruction, writes BRIAN LUCEY

Ireland, the country of empty ghost houses

John Spain Irish Central 21.01.2010
2010 less turbulent for US commercial property sector but prospects negative, analysts say

US commercial real estate investors may have to wait until next year to see their returns start to grow as they are likely remain to remain in negative territory in 2010, according to analysts.

Ireland, the country of empty ghost houses

Time was in Ireland when we used to bring tourists to stay in haunted castles. These days we have haunted houses of a different kind, so-called ghost estates on the outskirts of many towns around Ireland. And they're not the kind of places that tourists would want to stay in.

McNamara undone by confidence in market

COLM KEENA The Irish Times 14.01.2010
Bernard McNamara: in the middle of the last decade his name cropped up again and again as Irish commercial property deals created headline after headline

ANALYSIS: The developer’s mid-noughties spending spree on commercial property left him badly exposed to prices crash


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