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He wants to sell, she wants to sit tight

The Globe and Mail 15.12.2010

Courting the ruble

Property Report 10.12.2010
He wants to sell, she wants to sit tight

The market researcher and television producer have been sitting on a gold mine – an income property with tenants which covers the monthly mortgage payment (and then some). But they need bigger digs, and he wants to sell while the market’s hot. She wants to keep the house and continue renting it out. Who’s on the money?

Courting the ruble

Property Report South East Asia’s Luxury Expert Alex Shlaen sat down with Ambassador Michael Tay, the Executive Director of the Russia-Singapore Business Forum and a Professor at the National University of Singapore, to discuss the importance of the Russian market in Singapore and more widely in South East Asia.

Phuket should pull a Take That

Property Report 05.12.2010
Today's real estate market calls for dire divorce decisions

Sarah Bandy always knows something is up when she helps a couple try to sell their home, but hears back from only one spouse.

Phuket should pull a Take That

When Take That split up in 1996 a year after Robbie left millions of people were devastated, myself included, as at the time these were the poster boys for my generation. Girls loved them and guys wanted to be them. It took 14 years for them to finally get back together and start making music again, 14 years to put their problems behind them and move on.

Rental returns

Property Report 02.12.2010

Domestic bliss

PRSEA Property Report 26.11.2010
Rental returns

Recent reports indicate that the private residential market in Singapore has been on the uptrend since the beginning of 2010. Rental rates for non-landed private residential units rose by almost 6 per cent during the first five months. Median rentals in January amounted to S$2.84 (US$2.11) per sq ft and rose to S$3.01 (US$2.24) per sq ft in May.

Domestic bliss

After contracting nearly five per cent in 2009, foreign arrivals around the world are rebounding. According to a recent report released by the UN World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), International arrivals are estimated to have grown by seven per cent globally through the first six months of 2010. The Asia Pacific region in particular is leading the recovery, with international arrivals increasing 14 per cent year-over-year through June. Only the Middle East outperformed the Asia Pacific region, recording a 20 per cent increase in foreign arrivals.

Singapore’s cooling measures

Property Report 23.11.2010
Singapore’s cooling measures

A report by Global Property Guide recently highlighted that Singapore’s private residential property prices saw an increase of 34 per cent year-on-year – the highest globally. The reasons for this truly significant leap are the exuberant economic performance and record-low interest rates. Despite earlier anti-speculative curbs introduced by the Singapore government as long ago as September 2009, prices for private properties have been on a steady rise, albeit at a slower pace.

Is Thailand really serious about real estate investment?

Thailand was noticeably missing from the multitude of countries exhibiting at last week’s MIPIM Asia real estate industry event in Hong Kong, leaving this writer wondering whether the Kingdom has missed the boat when it comes to real estate investment?

Growth Accelerates

Property Report 17.11.2010
Growth Accelerates

Vietnam’s GDP growth accelerated in Q3 to 7.2 per cent year-on-year, up from 6.4 per cent in Q2 and 5.83 per cent in Q1. On a cumulative basis, GDP growth was up 6.5 per cent through the end of September. Now almost rebounding to pre-crisis levels, Vietnam’s GDP growth is expected to exceed the government’s annual target and many analysts have revised up the year end projections from 6.5 to 7.0 per cent year-on-year growth.

The `dysfunctional` housing market is driving demand for rental property, the CML said.

The value of buy-to-let borrowing rose by 12 per cent during the third quarter of the year as investors looked to capitalise on a rising demand for rental property fuelled by the "dysfunctional" housing market, according to a new report.

10 tips for real estate success in 2011

BERNICE ROSS In Man News 22.10.2010
Should You Invest In A Property In Mumbai?

The market for residential property in Mumbai was very upbeat in the fourth quarter of last year and the first quarter of 2010. It started showing signs of stability since the third quarter, most visibly in South/Central Mumbai, where investors had begun to outnumber actual end-users by then.

10 tips for real estate success in 2011

Instead of waiting until January of 2011, why not set your goals for next year right now and skip the production lows that normally come at the end of the year?

Greater Phuket Property Seeks Hope and Sales

Alan Morison Phuket Panwa 21.10.2010
The old Thai Muang Golf Club, soon to emerge several billion baht later

PUTTING The Cove Krabi up for sale is being seen in some quarters of the Phuket property market as a chance to draw ''new money'' investors from China and Russia.

Real estate experts say it's a great time to buy a home

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Property values are extremely low right now, but for buyers that means this is a great time to make a deal. That was just one of the topics discussed at Tuesday's 43rd annual Hancock Bank Gulf Coast Economic Symposium in Biloxi.

These are gloomy months for the UK property market

PROPERTY experts have just one simple message to anxious home-owners after worrying latest figures were released - don’t panic!

Real Estate Investors Rally For Short Sale Investing

Real estate investors nationwide have become been hard pressed to find profitable deals with little to no competition wherever short sale investing is involved. As a result of federal foreclosure moratoriums and tightened lender guidelines, more investors have found themselves at a standstill these days.

Asian funds underexposed to property

Raquel Pichardo-Allison Global Pensions 06.10.2010
Asian funds underexposed to property

ASIA – Asian pension funds should invest more in real estate if they want to bring in enough returns to meet their liabilities, a new report shows.

Analysis: Foreclosure "mess" unfolds state by state

(Reuters) - An outcry over questionable foreclosures by GMAC Mortgage and other lenders is likely to hit some states more than others because of major differences in real estate law across the nation.

Washington Mutual, Nortel, Colonial BancGroup, Property Stays: Bankruptcy

Washington Mutual Inc.’s bankruptcy examiner filed his preliminary report yesterday and won permission from the judge to extend the current Oct. 8 deadline for submitting his final report.


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