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Would you rent property A or property B?

An interesting experiment by letting agency Upad. On the basis that portraying the features and appeal of a property is an important marketing tool for landlords wanting to attract tenants, Upad wanted to test how vital the picture of the property is to a prospective tenant who is searching for a new home.

When Dymaxium Healthcare Innovations was on the verge of its latest business shift to software product sales from custom software creation, chief operating officer Michael Carleton was looking for ways to reduce operating expenses and found part of the solution in the walls around him.

If I live in a rented condo and buy another, which is my principal residence?

Right now I'm renting the condo that I live in. I don't have any desire to be a homeowner just yet, due to the higher maintenance associated with it but I was thinking of buying a condo as an investment property - buying it early pre-sale and then selling after. My question is: Which condo should I list as my principal residence? In other words, if my investment condo is the only property that I own, is it possible to list it as my principal residence, even though I actually live in another condo that I rent? I would like to see if I can avoid capital gains when I sell.

How to find the right rental property

Homes & Property 17.03.2012

When renting a property makes sense

Om Ahuja CEO The Economic Times 20.01.2012
How to let your property for the Olympics

Many people are planning to rent out their property in London during the Olympic Games. A survey by FindaProperty.com suggests that rental prices in various Olympic boroughs have risen 35 times higher their usual price during the Games – Greenwich, host of the equestrian events and Windsor, close to the Olympic rowing competitions are two particularly popular areas.

Robbie Tomkins was gazumped by a rival tenant two hours before he was due to move

Sky-rocketing prices, homes snapped up within hours at well above the asking price and rampant gazumping - it all sounds eerily like the prerecession property market.

When renting a property makes sense

Technically speaking, renting out a property that you own is also a form of returns on investment in real estate. It is the 'softer' option because you are not doing hardcore buy-&-sell speculation, but rather capitalising on an existing property. Conducted properly, renting out can assure a steady cash flow, minus the high levels of tension involved in actual property trading.

Can You Make Money Renting Your Property?

Stephanie Christensen 17.10.2010

Rise in scams adds to problems for tenants

Chiara Cavaglieri 03.10.2010
Tenants, Protect Your Security Deposits!

We have talked before about what to do when a landlord is in foreclosure. But what about that security deposit when you leave at the end of a lease? Today’s column is about a principle of Florida landlord-tenant law that I find to be less well-known: I call it the “Fifteen-and-Thirty Day Rule.”

Can You Make Money Renting Your Property?

America's sluggish home economy has put buyers in a better position than ever and this had led many homeowners to opt for renting their property, rather than take an insurmountable loss.

Rise in scams adds to problems for tenants

As hundreds of thousands of university students make the mad dash to find rented accommodation for the new academic year, they are warned to watch out for rental scammers and rogue landlords.

Being a landlord or tenant has pitfalls


Your landlord got foreclosed. Do you have to go?

Les Christie, staff writer CNNMoney.com 19.02.2010
In today's depressed economy, many homeowners are choosing to rent out their properties for a variety of reasons.

Powhatan County resident Robert Lawhorne is learning the pitfalls of being a new landlord. He inherited a home in Chesterfield County and eventually put it up for sale. But his three-bedroom ranch didn't sell in the slow housing market.

Different Types of Real Estate Agents and What They Do

In your quest for a new home, the person you’ll interact with most is your real estate agent. She’s a lot more than a smiling face in the classifieds, hovering over pictures of homes for sale. She’s a licensed professional, authorized to negotiate and carry out the sale of real property on behalf of a buyer, a seller—or sometimes both simultaneously. Read on to learn the different roles real estate agents play, how they make their money, and—most importantly—how you find one who works well with you.

Your landlord got foreclosed. Do you have to go?

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- Renting a home that is going through foreclosure? If so, don't be fooled: Lenders can't kick you out; they have to honor the terms of your lease.

Real estate law made simple: How to rent to own smartly

JERRY FEENEY NY Daily News 12.02.2010

How tenants could make homes more energy efficient

Charles Mackay Net Lettings 09.02.2010
Real estate law made simple: How to rent to own smartly

As the playing field in the real estate market leveled, and then markedly tipped in favor of buyers, opportunities previously unavailable opened up. Renting with an option to buy is one of them, and savvy buyers should remember this tool when structuring deals.

How tenants could make homes more energy efficient

The possibility of lower energy bills is the major driving force for home improvements designed to improve the energy efficiency of property, it has been claimed.

Beginners’ Tips: House Shares, Lodgers and Room Lets

London, London -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/26/2010 -- Tightening personal budgets and the wider economic climate have made room letting increasingly appealing for both those looking for somewhere to live and those with rooms to rent out.

Breaking Up But Living Together

Easy Roommate 07.01.2010

NLA offers tips to renting politicians

Chris Price Net Lettings 05.11.2009
Breaking Up But Living Together

The tough economic climate is forcing couples who have broken up to continue cohabiting, according to results of a survey from easyroommate.co.uk, the house and flatshare website.

Oakwood Opens New Sukhumvit Property with Rates from THB 1,999 Nett

Oakwood has added to their collection of apartments in Bangkok, with the opening of Oakwood Apartments Trilliant Sukhumvit 18 Bangkok, a new development located in the heart of Sukhumvit.

NLA offers tips to renting politicians

After claiming expenses for services which included everything from gardening to moat cleaning, a review in to the expense claims of MPs is set to be published by Sir Christopher Kelly.

eTips for those looking for property to rent in London

Martyn Glynn Net-Lettings 20.08.2009

Why you should ask for lower rent

Amy Hoak Market Watch 19.08.2009
Adverts on websites like Gumtree are proving popular for scammers

Students looking for accommodation are being warned to beware of bogus landlords advertising on the internet.

eTips for those looking for property to rent in London

People looking for property to rent in Fulham, flats to rent in Tooting or residences anywhere else in the UK may wish to consider the advice of the Guardian's so-called Negotiator Marc Lockley.

Why you should ask for lower rent

CHICAGO - It isn't easy to build up the nerve to ask your landlord for a reduction in rent. But these days having the gumption to renegotiate a lease is paying off as landlords struggle to find and keep tenants with good credit and a history of paying on time.

Real Estate Tips

Middleton O'Malley Neworleans 21.07.2009

'Tenders' keep homes show-ready, their own 'rents' low

Lesley Mitchell The Salt Lake Tribune 15.06.2009
Real Estate Tips

Have you been thinking about selling a lot? Well, you might think again because lots, unless absolutely top of the line, or incredibly unique, are a tough sell at the moment. Here’s why: Imagine that you are thinking about building your dream home in a gated subdivision where a 15,000 sq ft. lot costs $125,000, and the cost of building is a modest 200 bucks a square foot for a 3,500 sq. ft. house. When you do the math it comes out to $825,000. Now, because the market is softer than in pre-Katrina days, you can now buy an almost new 3,500 sq. ft. home in the same subdivision for $725,000. How do you like the 100K you have just saved?

Cathy Cardenas, right, of Designer HomeTending, stops in to talk with tenant David HIll in a North Salt Lake high-end home for sale. Hill pays a nominal rent to live in a great house. His job is to furnish, maintain, and live in the home until it is sold. (Al Hartmann/The Salt Lake Tribune )

North Salt Lake » Dave Hill lost his job several months ago, yet the family is able to do just fine on his wife's teaching salary.

Does It Make Sense To Own Or Lease Real Estate?

(NAPSI)-There could be good news for small-business owners. Some of the key provisions in the economic stimulus package have had an immediate positive impact on both borrowers and lenders.

Rental property: Why buy when you can rent?

Nicola Venning Telegraph 20.04.2008
3 Tips In Getting The Perfect Vacation Home In Miami Real Estate

A vacation in Miami is what the doctor ordered if you just want to get away from it all -- work, stress, problems, and the like. But if you want to make the most out of your vacation then you need the perfect home in Miami real estate that would serve as the foundation of your stay in the city.

A Tenant Guide to Protecting the Environment & Saving Money in Leasing Practices

You don’t have to be a building owner to save money, improve employee comfort, and enhance your corporate image through improved energy performance. As a tenant, you can take action to help protect the environment and reap the financial benefits for your organization. Whether you pay for your energy directly or as part of your rent, ENERGY STAR can help you improve your corporate value. This guide shows you how.

Flexibility: Kate Wolfryd in her rented Belsize Park flat

More of us are choosing to tread water as tenants while uncertainty surrounds the housing market. Nicola Venning reports

Leasing commercial property

Ashish Gupta The Economic Times 11.02.2008

The kids have moved to an ashram and their room is empty, or maybe you have realized you simply can't make ends meet. So why not rent out part of your home?

Leasing commercial property

In case of leasing a commercial property, certain peculiar factors need to be kept in mind. The lessee aims to negotiate a better deal for the business. Once a suitable property has been short-listed, the ownership and documentation parts of the owner of the property need to be looked into.

Tenant's Deposit: What's The Point?

Few realise that a tenant's deposit is not a legal requirement when renting and is completely at the option of the landlord.

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