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Man charged for posing as a property agent

Asiaone 14.11.2012
Man charged for posing as a property agent

SINGAPORE - The Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) has filed charges against a man who illegally posed as a property agent.

Study: Local taxes reduce property taxes

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - A new study of Indiana taxes finds that Local Option Income Taxes are complicated and confusing, yet effective.

From bankers to cage-dwellers, HK feels property price squeeze

HONG KONG (Reuters) - In a cramped space on the fifth floor of an old industrial building in Hong Kong, Huang Shaochang and his wife live in some of the priciest real estate per square foot in the world - a 35 sq ft room with a bunk bed and small TV.

Property taxes set to rise in Toronto

Homes Go Fast 07.11.2012
Tips on lowering tax liability arising out of profit made by selling a property

Real estate has, over the years, become like any other asset to be bought and sold with the aim of gaining from capital appreciation. While this can give good returns, it can also mean a hefty tax outgo. Irrespective of how the property has been acquired, the taxman looks at each and every real estate transaction.

Property taxes set to rise in Toronto

If you’re thinking of buying a property in the Canadian city of Toronto then you could shortly face a higher tax bill. Property taxes in the Ontario city are set to rise thanks to a 22.8 per cent rise in the average value of a property in the city since 2008.

Insurers, property owners tally Sandy's damage

11:13PM EDT October 30. 2012 - Most people stay home from work during a hurricane, but for Ben Sykes, 31, Hurricane Sandy was a time to get moving. An insurance adjuster for State Farm, Sykes works on the company's team that handles large and complex claims.

In the first nine months of the year Hong Kong's property market has rocketed 20 per cent Photo: REX FEATURES

Hong Kong has introduced a 15 per cent tax on foreign buyers in a bid to cool down its property market.

Cyprus extends property tax amnesty

Property Showroom 30.10.2012
Cyprus extends property tax amnesty

The Cypriot parliament last week (October 26th) rushed through an amendment to the country's tax amnesty, extending the holiday by 14 months.

New duties on real estate to take effect tomorrow

The new stamp duty rules for property transactions were gazetted today and will take effect tomorrow.

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