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How to make sure your home is properly covered by property insurance

TAMPA - Hurricane season begins today and, while Florida has remained unscathed since 2005, the state is always one major storm away from a disaster.

Phnom Penh property tax expected to improve city

The Municipality of Phnom Penh anticipates increased revenue of US$12 million from the newly implemented property tax, with the funds to go towards city improvements the Phnom Post reported.

Review of Thailand’s foreign ownership laws should be cheered

The Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand (JFCCT) should be congratulated for raising the issue of foreign ownership and seeking to improve inbound real estate investment into Thailand.

The remains of cars at a dealership in Slave Lake, Alta., on Tuesday, May 17, 2011. A wildfire swept through the town of 7,000 destroying upwards of 40 per cent of the buildings. (THE CANADIAN PRESS Ian Jackson)

The province says for Slave Lake residents with destroyed property, the government will pay for their property taxes for the 2011 tax year. The funds are in part of the $50 million provided by the province to help residents get back on their feet.

New Yorkers Have Steepest Property Tax Bills

Mike Wheatley Realty Biz News 28.05.2011
Richmond property owners to get a tax break - Vancouver need not apply

Commercial property owners near Richmond’s Canada Line who got caught in a “hot zone” of frenetic land speculation will be getting a new tax break. But the same tax break won’t be coming for Vancouver landowners caught in the same situation.

New Yorkers Have Steepest Property Tax Bills

Of the top ten counties in the US that pay the highest property tax rates, all ten of them come from either New York or New Jersey. New Hampshire and Connecticut also have several counties listed high up in the rankings. Meanwhile, at the opposite end of the spectrum, the states of Alaska and Louisiana have the lowest property tax rates in the country, says the Washington-based Tax Foundation, a non-profit organization that conducts research into taxation.

Insurers eye price increases as hurricane season looms

Myles Neligan and Rachel Chitra Reuters 28.05.2011
Insurers eye price increases as hurricane season looms

(Reuters) - Property and casualty insurers craving respite from a long-running drop in prices are eyeing the start of the U.S. hurricane season next week in the hope that summer windstorms will finally turn the market.

Finance Minister Korn Chatikavanij said the average loan application is for THB1.5 million.

Potential Thai homeowners queued for long hours at the Government Housing Bank (GHB) in Bangkok hoping to take advantage of interest free loans earmarked for new buyers.

Thailand’s Property Perfect running promotions to coincide with government loan scheme

Thailand’s Property Perfect has launched two financial campaigns to boost presales for the first half of the year. From May 20 to June 30 buyers of a unit in the I Condo project may enjoy a zero interest rate loan for the first year. The second campaign runs until June 5 and offers a 1 percent loan for the first two years for customers purchasing a home priced above THB3 million (US$100,000).

China must levy property tax to deal with wealth gap, writes government researcher

China should without a doubt introduce a property tax in order to reverse a major imbalance in wealth distribution, researcher Zhang Monan from the State Information Centre wrote in an opinion piece in the China Daily newspaper today.

“Luxury” tax to be introduced in Taiwan

Andrew Batt Property Report 16.04.2011
The GHB zero interest campaign would help buyers afford units for under THB3 million at developments like Pruksa's Plum Condos.

Thailand’s Government Housing Bank (GHB) is considering launching a campaign offering zero per cent interest rate loans for the first two years for people buying a home under THB3 million (US$100,200).

“Luxury” tax to be introduced in Taiwan

Authorities in Taiwan are poised by pass what has been dubbed a “luxury” tax which was given tentative legislative approval last week.

City to utilize new blight law

MIA LIGHT Standard Speaker 14.04.2011
ERIC CONOVER/Staff Photographer The backyard of 220 S. Cedar St., Hazleton, is filled with old furniture and garbage on Tuesday. Area residents are concerned about the trash and want it cleaned up.

Hazleton officials are paving the way to use a new state-approved strong arm against owners of blighted properties.

Singapore housing issues may not figure largely in upcoming general election

The state of Singapore’s housing has been widely considered to be a hot-button issue in the country’s upcoming general election, but a recent poll from Today reveals otherwise.

Demand for rentals has shot up in Hong Kong's Mid-levels, one of the most popular expat areas in the city.

Japan’s massive disaster has increased home rental prices in Hong Kong as foreign employees in the financial sector relocate to the city from Tokyo.

South Korea cutting property taxes to prop up market

South Korea has announced that it will cut property purchase taxes in a move to offset tougher borrowing rules and keep the recovering housing market from losing strength, Reuters has reported.

Higher Property Taxes, Teacher Cuts and Blame

The New York Times 13.03.2011
Trouble ahead: According to the FSA, the widespread 'forbearance' means that banks are 'storing up problems for the future'

British banks are facing escalating losses on £54billion of troubled loans to property developers, the City watchdog has warned. In its annual health check of the banking system, the Financial Services Authority predicted that hits on soured commercial real estate loans would rise 'markedly' in the future.

An Austin Discovery School hallway decorated to depict ocean life. The state could cut billions from education spending.

There will be blood. It’s undeniable, especially when the governor goes out of his way to say that he doesn’t have any on his hands.

Tax Tip: 7 tips about rental income and expenses

Do you rent property to others? If so, you'll want to read the following seven tips from the IRS about rental income and expenses.


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