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Spanish 'Bad Bank' to Absorb its Worst Property Assets and Defaulted Loans

Spain's government has approved the creation of a so-called "bad bank" that will take over most of the nation's worst property assets and defaulted loans, reported Reuters over the weekend, in an effort to secure some much-needed eurozone bailout money for the nation's loss-making banks and to reform a banking industry devastated by a property crash.

New French property tax 'should not affect market too much'

The new taxes being levied on foreign owners of French property are not likely to affect the market too much, according to one local real estate agent.

Cominar owns a real estate portfolio of 415 high-quality properties, consisting of 82 office, 158 retail and 175 industrial and mixed-use buildings, including this building in Montreal.

QUEBEC — Cominar Real Estate Investment Trust says it received $276-million in net proceeds from its public offering of equity units and may use the money towards the cost of buying 68 properties from GE Capital Real Estate.

Leaseholders can find themselves paying thousands of pounds a year but having no say over a property's management. Photograph: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Present system gives freeholders little incentive to make sure leaseholders get quality service, CentreForum says, as the number of tribunal disputes quadruples in a decade

Voluntary property insurance accounts for almost one-third of Azerbaijani market

Some 30.85 percent of premiums of Azerbaijani insurance companies, or 62.161 million manat were collected on types of voluntary property insurance in January-July. Payments for these types amounted to 16.082 million manat, which is 32.51 percent of all insurance claims, the Ministry of Finance said.

Proportion of bad property loans in Spain increases

The proportion of non-performing loans on the books of Spanish banks hit its highest recorded level in June.

Mumbai slips behind Pune, Delhi in home-loan demand

MUMBAI: Mumbai has fallen by the wayside in the mortgage market rankings as record realty prices keep customers away, say real estate and home finance executives.

Are longer-term mortgage loans justified?

High property prices in Singapore are causing banks to come up with novel solutions with some rolling out a longer-term mortgage loan stretching up to 50-years. At UOB, for instance, the bank is offering a 50-year loan while at OCBC and HSBC, consumers can take a loan up to 40 years. The loans come with conditions attached.

Property Advisor Rick Otton Shows First-Time Homebuyers How to Buy Houses With Deposit Finance

Home ownership has always been a challenge for young Australians, and most parents want to help their children buy their own house. However Australian finance advisors warn of the dangers that arise when parents volunteer to guarantor their children’s home loans.

Spanish property writedowns dent Santander's profit

Santander announced on July 26th that its first-half profits are 51 per cent lower than in 2011. The financial services provider took a heavy hit after it wrote off a further €2.8 billion (£2.2 billion) relating to bad Spanish property loans and repossessions.

Elizabethville landlord sues over rental-property inspection law

Elizabethville might appear to be a quaint and quiet place, but a battle has been sizzling in the little northern Dauphin County town for years.

Changing real estate landscape in Thailand

The recent RICS’ ASEAN Conference which wrapped up last week at the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit Hotel in Bangkok attracted over 200 participants from Thailand and across Asia, consisting of many top executives from the government, property, surveying, financial and engineering fields.

New mortgage rules slam door on cooling housing market

Existing home sales dropped 1.3% in June from the month before and were down 4.4% from the year before, suggesting that Canada’s housing market was already cooling before Ottawa tightened mortgage rules.

Sheriff's property tax proposal: Will it cost you?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Sheriff Rutherford says his plan to hike the tax rate to bring in the same amount of revenue as last year would mean no net increase in taxes for the citizens of Jacksonville, but that appears not to be the case.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford addresses the Economic Club of Canada on June 5, 2012.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has formally asked the city manager for a two-year property-tax freeze starting in 2014, the year he stands for re-election, The Globe and Mail has learned.

Sir Mervyn King will unveil the Bank of England's funding for lending scheme

The Bank of England has unveiled details of a funding for lending scheme that incentivises banks to lend to businesses and individuals.

The national flag of Italy flies from the balcony of a residential property in Rome, on June 16, 2012.

Luciano Di Pardo, a lawyer in Milan, is dodging Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti’s new real estate tax.

Home loans fall as banks cut lending to first time buyers

Loans for house purchase dropped by 8% in June to 46,932, the lowest since May last year

Bank of Israel Clamps Down on Mortgage Terms to Avoid Real Estate Bubble

Like numerous other countries fearing a residential real estate bubble through easy mortgage terms, the Bank of Israel is capping the loan-to-value term of mortgages at 33 percent to 40 percent. The bank is also increasing lenders' provision for mortgages.


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