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Insurers, property owners tally Sandy's damage

11:13PM EDT October 30. 2012 - Most people stay home from work during a hurricane, but for Ben Sykes, 31, Hurricane Sandy was a time to get moving. An insurance adjuster for State Farm, Sykes works on the company's team that handles large and complex claims.

In the first nine months of the year Hong Kong's property market has rocketed 20 per cent Photo: REX FEATURES

Hong Kong has introduced a 15 per cent tax on foreign buyers in a bid to cool down its property market.

Cyprus extends property tax amnesty

Property Showroom 30.10.2012
Cyprus extends property tax amnesty

The Cypriot parliament last week (October 26th) rushed through an amendment to the country's tax amnesty, extending the holiday by 14 months.

New duties on real estate to take effect tomorrow

The new stamp duty rules for property transactions were gazetted today and will take effect tomorrow.

Real Estate News: Home Loans May Get Shield

The Wall Street Journal 18.10.2012
Real Estate News: Home Loans May Get Shield

Home Loans May Get Shield: Federal regulators are considering giving mortgage lenders protection from certain lawsuits, according to people familiar with the matter, a move designed to encourage lending to well-qualified borrowers.

Developers decry high commercial property taxes

Homeowners are paying an increasing proportion of property taxes in Vancouver and Toronto – but not in Montreal, where businesses are increasingly picking up the tab.

Property law loophole losing tax revenue millions

Everyone knows that there are massive loopholes in the island’s antediluvian property laws. Shouldn’t these be plugged before the banks start selling off people’s homes as demanded by troika?


Business clients looking to buy insurance in coming months can expect to see a mix of rising and falling commercial property/casualty rates in 2013, says a new report by Willis Group Holdings.


THE property market is showing some signs of moving up the gears as the key spring selling period gather’s pace with home loan approvals registering their biggest rise in almost a year.

First-time buyers struggle to climb onto the property ladder despite better mortgages

First-time buyers are fighting a losing battle to climb on to the property ladder despite a surge in mortgages available to help them.

Allianz logos are pictured in front of the headquarter of German insurer Allianz AG in Munich (Alexandra Winkler Reuters, REUTERS / June 22, 2006)

MUNICH (Reuters) - Allianz , Europe's largest insurer, is taking advantage of banks' diminished appetite for lending against real estate by offering loans to boost its investment in property.

Why US Property Owners Should Assess Insurance Needs Regularly

Insurance is vital for owners of property, simply because housing is worth so much money. Recent statistics showed that six percent of homeowners make a claim in the space of just a year – 97 percent of which are related to property damage.

Insurers, property owners tally Sandy's damage

Most people stay home from work during a hurricane, but for Ben Sykes, 31, Hurricane Sandy was a time to get moving. An insurance adjuster for State Farm, Sykes works on the company's team that handles large and complex claims.

Tax haven property markets thrive as political scrutiny grows

(Reuters) - A judicial crackdown and mounting political pressure on legal tax avoidance are failing to deter companies from setting up in European tax havens.

Malaysian property tax 'may be extended'

Property Showroom 26.09.2012
Assessed value of Ontario homes to rise, property tax may follow

Ontario homeowners will see the determined value of their houses rise 4.5 per cent in each of the next four years — and may face tax increases as a result — following a report that found property values have risen 18 per cent since the last update in 2008.

Malaysian property tax 'may be extended'

There is the possibility that the Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT) levied by the Malaysian government could be extended when the 2013 budget is unveiled later this week.

Is apartment insured after winding-up?

PROPERTY CLINIC: Q I am looking for some advice about a purchase of a property I made two years ago. It is an apartment in a block of three apartments; the other two are unoccupied at the moment and are only partly finished. This is in a mixed estate of apartments and houses where some are occupied and others are unfinished.

The consumer confidence index decreased seven points to 113 in Saudi Arabia, making it the fourth most optimistic market in the world. “Political turmoil in the Middle East and doubts towards future oil demand, which is indispensable for the Saudi economy, and subsequent austerity measures has led to depressed consumer sentiments in Saudi Arabia,” said Arslan Ashraf, Managing Director, Nielsen Saudi Arabia. (Photo: REUTERS/Hassan Ali)

Well, good news coming from the middle east. Saudi Arabian home lending is growing at the fastest pace in over four years in the second quarter of 2012, according to reports by Bloomberg. It's evidence that banks in the largest Arab economy are more open to take risk as the nation's mortgage law comes into effect.

Kevin Lacey said Local Government Minister Bruce Fitch was in a "can't win situation" with his property tax reform proposals. (CBC)

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation says New Brunswick's new approach to property taxes will mean higher bills for people who live in fast-growing urban areas, such as Dieppe.


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