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New Bill to advance land reform

Property24 28.03.2008

The Expropriation Bill which has recently been passed in Parliament will advance land reform and replace the so-called unconstitutional Expropriation Act of 1975.

Couple fight bank over ‘fraudulent’ property deal

Suthentira Govender The Times 24.03.2008
Couple fight bank over ‘fraudulent’ property deal

A Durban couple have asked the high court to overturn a debt judgment in favour of Standard Bank on a R3.2-million coastal property they claim they never bought.

Landlords are responsible for tenants default on utilities

High risk of non payment of electricity and water bills at the end of a lease, coupled with a legal system, which favours the Tenant, can turn a residential investment into a nightmare.

Letting agents' responsibilities

Any self respecting neighbourhood is likely to have its fair share of tenants, but, while most blend in, some stick out like a sore thumb, driving neighbours around the proverbial bend. Legal expert and real estate agent Jaco Rademeyer takes us through the duties and responsibilities of letting agents and the recourse that neighbours have.

Tenant's Deposit: What's The Point?

Few realise that a tenant's deposit is not a legal requirement when renting and is completely at the option of the landlord.

Holiday house is not a 'home'

Brenda Nkuna Property24 13.12.2007
Holiday house is not a 'home'

Holiday home owners might wish their coastal pads were where they lived 365 days of the year, but the reality is that many are absentee landlords who visit infrequently or rent out their property for most of the year.

Plett hotel owner caught between a rock and a hard law

The owner of a luxury Plettenberg Bay guesthouse spent the weekend illegally piling boulders at the base of his house on the lagoon edge to save it from being washed away.

One property - two owners

Tania Broughton IOL 15.11.2007
One property - two owners

The sale of a plot of land with panoramic sea views on the KwaZulu-Natal south coast is at the centre of a court dispute between two people, each of whom lays claim to it.

Top estate agencies to be probed for law-firm ‘marketing’

Two top estate agencies are under investigation over suspect deals with a major law firm.

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