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Hainan real estate bubble grows

Guo Lu Global Times 04.02.2010
Real estate bubble likely in Taipei: expert

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- A housing bubble may plague Taipei City's real estate sector, which has seen a compound annual average growth of 11 percent, an official with Fitch Ratings warned yesterday.

Phoenix Island in Sanya is under construction. Photo: CFP

China's housing bubble isn't just growing in major cities. The government's plan to make China's Hainan Province, an island in the South China Sea, an international tourism destination spiked local property prices, and speculators reserved hundreds of houses for huge profits.

Taiwan Luxury Home Prices To Rise In 2010 - CB Richard Ellis

Crystal Hsu Dow Jones Newswires 29.01.2010

Why The China Property Bubble Doesn't Exist

Clay Fisher The Street 27.01.2010
Taiwan Luxury Home Prices To Rise In 2010 - CB Richard Ellis

TAIPEI -(Dow Jones)- Taiwan's luxury home prices will likely rise at a robust pace this year, due to stronger demand from China-based Taiwanese businessmen buying property on the island, officials at CB Richard Ellis Ltd. Taiwan said Thursday.

Beijing, China

Contrary to most US media reports, China’s real estate market is in the early growth stages. When adjusted to China’s living standards, tax structure and the savings and available disposable income of most Chinese residents, real estate in China is highly affordable.

Wenger/News. Even at midnight, Shanghai's popular Nanjing Road is bustling.

QINGDAO, China - While I'm here on business, I'm searching for the great Chinese economic bubble I keep hearing about. (Beer drinkers might recognize the original spelling of this city's name as Tsingtao.)

China's booming property sector may be about to slow some time this year.[China Daily]

Fengtai property may retail for 30,000 yuan per sq m. Property prices may have hit a new high in one Beijing district after China Overseas Property Co Ltd snapped up a parcel of land for a staggering 17,153 yuan ($2,512) per sq m yesterday.

CapitaLand Buys OOIL China Property for $2.2 Billion (Update1)

Chia-Peck Wong and Shiyin Chen Bloomberg 19.01.2010
China Life Eyes Investments in Commercial Property Projects

China Life Insurance Co. [77626], the largest life insurer in China, has confirmed with BestWeek Asia/Pacific that it is planning to invest in domestic commercial property projects once Chinese regulators announce their approval.

CapitaLand Buys OOIL China Property for $2.2 Billion (Update1)

Jan. 19 (Bloomberg) -- CapitaLand Ltd., Southeast Asia’s biggest developer, agreed to buy the Chinese property assets of Orient Overseas (International) Ltd. for $2.2 billion, doubling its real estate holdings in the world’s most-populous nation.

Urban land value continues to rise in metropolitan Taipei

Staff Writer Property Report 18.01.2010

China’s Utterly Undeniable Real Estate Bubble

JOSHUA M. BROWN The Faster Times 17.01.2010
Urban land value continues to rise in metropolitan Taipei

Urban land value in Taipei City continued to register the highest growth in the six months from April 1-Sept. 30 last year, with the land price index rising by 2.05 per cent against Sept. 30, 2008 as a base period according to statistics released Thursday by the Ministry of Interior (MOI) department.

China’s Utterly  Undeniable Real Estate Bubble

Hey amnesiacs, I’ll help you out with your willful blindness re: speculative manias… There IS, in fact, a property bubble in China, it is utterly undeniable. Close your eyes and repeat this phrase however many times it takes until you are able to sober up:

New retail strategy taking hold in China

Charoen Kittikanya Bangkok Post 17.01.2010
CP has 77 Lotus Supercenter outlets in China but 32 are considered underperformers and the group is looking for talented managers.

HONG KONG : When Dhanin Chearavanont expanded into the retail business in China 13 years ago, he blindly followed the methods of Wal-Mart: large discount department stores, spacious parking lots and hundreds of employees.

The times they are a-changin': Shanghai is every inch the modern city - and getting more modern by the minute

Look around your house. I bet half your stuff says: Made in China. And most of that would have been shipped from one place - Shanghai. Within 20 years, China will become the world's No1 economic superpower. And when it does, Shanghai will lead the way as the biggest, mightiest, richest city on Earth.

Why Shanghai Real Estate Is The Most Obvious Bubble Ever

Vince Veneziani and Joe Weisenthal Business Insider 14.01.2010
Foreign Institutions Sell Property Projects in China

A few foreign financial institutions are selling the property projects that they have in China to Chinese buyers.

Why Shanghai Real Estate Is The Most Obvious Bubble Ever

The whole world felt the reverberations of China imposing leverage limits on its banks. Regulators there are clearly freaked out by the heat of its economy.

China’s Property Prices Rise Most in 18 Months (Update1)

Chia-Peck Wong Bloomberg News 14.01.2010
China’s Property Prices Rise Most in 18 Months (Update1)

Jan. 14 (Bloomberg) -- China’s property prices rose at the fastest pace in 18 months in December, increasing the likelihood of more government measures to limit speculation.

China’s State Council steps up prevention of foreign inflow into property sector.

China´s State Council, the Cabinet, recently issued a notice, saying the country would step up the prevention of foreign hot money´s inflow into the property sectors.

Billionaire revives struggling Shanghai project

China Economic Review 13.01.2010

Evergrande Real Estate Plans to Market Its First Sale of Bonds

Shelley Smith and Chia-Peck Wong Bloomberg 12.01.2010
Billionaire revives struggling Shanghai project

January 13,2010: More than a year after a twin tower hotel project designed as the gateway to Xintiandi got snagged on a web of problems, construction is finally about to restart.

Evergrande Real Estate Plans to Market Its First Sale of Bonds

Jan. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Evergrande Real Estate Group Ltd., China’s third-biggest developer by market value, will begin marketing its first sale of bonds this week to fund projects and repay the remaining balance on a $433 million loan from 2007.

Fund keeps fingers crossed on China property

Katherine Ng The Standard 11.01.2010
Fund keeps fingers crossed on China property

The mainland property sector will not be hurt much by new measures to curb speculation, according to a property fund executive, who described the move as a "check and balance" for a healthier market.


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