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Is your estate agent taking 'bribes' from your lawyer?

SEBASTIAN O KELLY Daily Mail 22.02.2010
Bribes: Law firms are paying fees of nearly £300 to win work from rivals, resulting in commercially-motivated advice paid for by unwitting buyers and sellers

Scandal of legal firms paying £300 fees to pick up work - then heaping the cost on buyers.

UK landlords set to face new public housing laws

New laws aimed at providing better services for council tenants will be launched in April 2010, the Government has announced.

Borrowers to Sue UK Lenders Over Unfair Mortgages

The High Court has issued a Group Litigation Order to a group of 326 borrowers, which allows them to collectively sue 2 UK banks – Barclays and Bank of Scotland – over unfair mortgages.

Property advice: Need to know

Telegraph 05.03.2008

Jackson faces losing Neverland to public auction

Dan Glaister in Los Angeles The Guardian 29.02.2008
Property advice: Need to know

Continuing the series in which our Clinic experts provide a guide to those thorny issues that can trip up the unwary. This week, David Fleming on why we no longer need title deeds

Jackson faces losing Neverland to public auction

It is the sort of legal notice that has become distressingly familiar to thousands of Americans in the grip of the mortgage foreclosure crisis.

UK property tycoon to appear in court in Zimbabwe

HARARE, Jan 27 (Reuters) - British property tycoon Nicholas van Hoogstraten, who was arrested by Zimbabwe police on charges of violating exchange control rules, will appear in court on Monday, a police spokesman said.


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