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Government 'should step in' to sort commercial property taxes

Chris Malone In The News 13.10.2010
Government 'should step in' to sort commercial property taxes

The government could avoid causing the UK more employment woes by taking action against the prospect of high commercial property taxes in England and Wales.

Tax when selling a UK property

The Connexion 01.10.2010
Tax when selling a UK property

We have heard there will be a tax in France when selling a property in Britain. Can you tell us if this applies in our circumstances?

Government crackdown on £2,000 a week housing benefit

The Government has vowed to crackdown on excessive housing benefit payments in London, with Yvette Cooper the Work and Pensions today announcing plans to cap the practice of families renting out homes in London's most luxurious postcodes costing the taxpayer up to £2000 a week in housing benefit in some cases.

Holiday Home Owners to Lose UK Tax Breaks

Holiday home owners have had a good year in the UK since many Brits elected to take their holidays on home soil as the recession made it difficult for people to afford trips to warmer climes. However, it now appears that holiday home owners could be in for a tax hit.

Taxing issues, recovering debt and making investments work harder

Question: I am a landlord and have agreed to rent out a property to students but find the rules confusing. Can you help?

George Town in Grand Cayman. The government has been in the embarrassing position of being almost unable to pay its staff. Photograph: David Rogers/Getty Images

The Foreign Office has forced the Cayman Islands' government to investigate the possibility of introducing direct taxes on businesses and residents based there.

New tax on mansions met with icy reception

Plans announced yesterday by the Liberal Democrat party to introduce a new property tax on residential real estate worth over £1 million has met with a cool reception from the industry.

Property industry calls for Stamp Duty holiday extension

RAY CLANCY Property Community 18.09.2009

‘Further tax hikeset to hammer property market’

Sion Barry Western Mail 30.07.2009
Stamp duty holiday extension sough

The UK residential property market could be hit by a double whammy in the New Year when the stamp duty holiday that has saved real estate buyers thousands of pounds comes to an end along with expected increases in interest rates and other taxes.

‘Further tax hikeset to hammer property market’

THE hard-pressed property sector is set for further pain this autumn with further tax increases, says Lambert Smith Hampton.

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