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Bank of Israel Clamps Down on Mortgage Terms to Avoid Real Estate Bubble

World Property Chennel 12.07.2012
Bank of Israel Clamps Down on Mortgage Terms to Avoid Real Estate Bubble

Like numerous other countries fearing a residential real estate bubble through easy mortgage terms, the Bank of Israel is capping the loan-to-value term of mortgages at 33 percent to 40 percent. The bank is also increasing lenders' provision for mortgages.

Living the Israeli Dream without busting the budget

Arik Mirovsky The Marker 09.04.2012
Situated 200 meters from the Hasbani river in the north, this detached house will cost you NIS 1.6 million and be ready for occupancy in 2014.

Where would most people in Israel live if they had their druthers? Our dream home remains, as it has long been, a private house with a garden in a small community or country environment.

Israel in Violation of Property Rights

(ISTANBUL IHH) - Details of the pirate-like Israeli raid in international waters on the humanitarian aid flotilla in May 2010 emerged form the report of the UN Fact-finding Mission. The UN Report concludes that Israel violated passengers’ right to property by confiscating their personal property.

Israeli settlers get Jerusalem property bargains

Diaa Hadid Associated Press 09.11.2010
Israeli settlers get Jerusalem property bargains

A string of Israeli governments has helped cement the Jewish presence in Arab areas of Jerusalem by selling or leasing property to settler groups at bargain prices, court documents released Sunday show.

Israeli Real Estate Prices And Demand Still Growing

Serious supply shortfalls that kept Israel's real estate prices afloat while the global market sank, now are threatening to form a bubble, and it could be 2012 before the supply issue is resolved. Real estate prices, along with demand, are still growing despite a hike in interest rates and efforts to boost available development land. See the following article from Property Wire for more on this.

Israel unlikely champ in global real estate

JERUSALEM — Israel, despite perennial fears of war, has emerged as one of the hottest — and least likely — property markets in the world: Since real estate collapsed around the globe in 2008, at least one industry watchdog lists it as the fastest-rising property market on earth.

Real estate market in Israel points out high demand cities

For example, Jerusalem, the capital city of Israel; as a diverse and heterogeneous city with a mixture of religions, peoples and cultures,

No Housing Market Meltdown for Israel

Neal Sandler BusinessWeek 24.06.2009

Survey: Israeli housing prices bucked global downtrend in Q1

Hadar Tadmor and Arik Mirovsky Haarez 03.06.2009
No Housing Market Meltdown for Israel

Despite economic weakness and growing unemployment, most home prices are still rising in Israel

Survey: Israeli housing prices bucked global downtrend in Q1

Of all the global real estate markets surveyed by Global Property Guide, Israel's posted the sharpest increase in housing prices during the first quarter of 2009.

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