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The companies paid NIS 183 million for the land.

The tender offer was a partial success..

The two will invest $500 million in three projects.

ProMed buys five properties in White Plains for $53 million.

Deepak Chhabria: In ten years, the Indian government will be unable to feed the country.

The project is located across the street from the YOO apartment complex.

The company will now acquire a 2.5% stake in Property and Building.

The British Israel subsidiary owns 16 malls nationwide.

The company bought land in a Frankfurt suburb for a shopping center and office building.

Africa-Israel Housing has opened a sample apartment for its high-rise in the city.

Despite the shekel's appreciation, most home buyers still ask for price in dollars.

The Azorim CEO told "Globes" last week that he felt that the company was undervalued.

Squares in a round hole

Haaretz 07.06.2008

Foreign investors enjoy several tax breaks in real estate.

Around the world there are squares and plazas that have become national symbols - Beijing's Tiananmen Square and Moscow's Red Square - while others are must-see places on any visit to their cities: Trafalgar Square in London and Piazza Navona in Rome. In Israel, however, despite a few modest successes here and there, it is hard to point out such sites. ...

The first Grad missile that fell on Ashkelon scored a direct hit on the real estate sector. Deals that were about to be signed were stalled, and buyers who did agree to continue negotiations demanded 10% price reductions. ...

Galit, a woman in her early thirties, had been looking for a place to rent in Tel Aviv for ages. A little apartment, something nice. Months passed and she figured she'd seen every available rental space in town. Then she spoke with a landlord in Bavli, and thought his description over the phone sounded terrific - a little place in North Tel Aviv. She thought it was an independent unit, on the roof. ...

The 'Heftsiba Law'

Haaretz 07.06.2008

Good quality, great value

Haaretz 07.06.2008

After about 4,000 people who had contracted to purchase homes from the Heftsiba construction company were left high and dry when the company went bankrupt last August, the Knesset stepped in and passed a law aimed at protecting future homebuyers in the future. ...

The sky-high price of property in central Israel tends to make people forget, perhaps because of the shock, that it doesn't have to be that way. There is perfectly affordable housing available, and new apartments at that, just not in the country's center. ...


Play it again Ofer: Real estate market sources believe he bought a stake in a Moroccan company.


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